Museveni gov’t walks like a tortoise, says lawyer

Godber Tumushabe

Godber Tumushabe, Executive Director, Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment, says the NRM government moves at a pace that can only be compared to that of a tortoise.

Tumushabe, a lawyer, advocate, policy analyst and social entrepreneur was appearing on NBS television Wednesday to discuss President Yoweri Museveni’s next term of office.

“When President Museveni says this term is for work, the other term was for what?” the lawyer asked, adding that President Museveni has since lost the good will that Ugandans gave him in 1986.

“His being president is due to state machinery, not people support. This regime has only brought a semblance of security and stability. This country is far from peace and prosperity.”

Tumushabe says 63% of Uganda’s population live in conditions of perpetual vulnerability and are prone to falling below poverty line at any slight change.

He cited a complete breakdown in governance noting that the constitution continues to be mutilated.

“Even Museveni’s election is in question. President Museveni says this term is to fight corruption but Uganda still has a transport minister on trial for stealing billions.”

Tumushabe who belongs to the opposition said he is opposed to a government “that walks like a tortoise but tells its people it is leading them to heaven”.

He observed that in 1986, Uganda had 1,200km of tarmacked roads.

In 30 years, he continued, NRM has built 3,000km of tarmac.

“That’s laudable? No! Our foreign debt, as per 2015 stands at US$9.37bn which is equal to a personal debt of UGX86m for every Ugandan!”

He cited a hospital in Mayuge district that lacks power although there is a multi-million police armoured vehicle parked in the compound.

“I am struck by the propensity of Museveni and Musevenists to use our past failures to justify our current failures. Absurd!”

As an analyst, Tumushabe said he is not taking President Museveni’s vow to fight corruption after analysing his track record.

“I have doubt. One of President Museveni’s failures is his failure to clean up and run a smart and clean government.”

He advised the president to find a way of building systems that deliver a product.

“Health or education isn’t about erecting a building. Ugandans are burdened by a big Cabinet yet when the ministers don’t deliver, the president is busy defending them.”

Next 5 years are going to be business as usual, Tumushabe sounded pessimistic, clarifying that Ugandans will even be lucky if they maintain the little achieved in the last 5 years.

“In next 5 years, we are likely to have an escalated more of the same. Opposition figures are likely to be bought.”

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