Museveni giving away Namboole after Nakivubo


Mandela National Stadium


Just when Ugandans were still grappling with the shock following the giveaway of Nakivubo stadium to an investor, a new report indicates that the biggest Mandela national stadium best known as Namboole will follow suit.

As we gathered, Namboole will too be given to an investor alongside Mbale stadium for a massive “improvement”.

In its earlier plan, government planned to invest about Shs 3bn to rehabilitate Namboole stadium.

After rehabilitating it, the government would then privatise it to whoever was interested.

But then, President Yoweri Museveni was advised by experts that the cost of rehabilitating it would be far higher than that of erecting a similar stadium.

Experts argued that Namboole stadium was way too run-down and would require a lot of funds to return it to a good shape.

They crossed out the advice given by the Finance ministry saying government would rather uplift the face of Mbale stadium than wasting money on dilapidated Namboole.

The experts advised the President to construct a new stadium and equip it with modern facilities after giving away Namboole to investors.

Also talked about was the structure, organisation and location of the stadia.

The private investors interested in Namboole have not yet been named but the source insisted the stadium was up for grabs as well.

They suggested that some of the stadia, as has been the case with Nakivubo, ought to be relocated outside the city.

The giveaway of Nakivubo

Last month, Museveni wrote to the Education minister, Jessica Alupo, suggesting the demolition and giveaway of Nakivubo war memorial stadium.

The President before had met Ham Ssegawa of Ham Towers at his country home in Rwakitura.

Ssegawa proposed demolishing the stadium to build a modern shopping centre.

Nakivubo, according to the experts, is poorly located because it is within the city center.

They suggested that if government gives it to real estate developers, it can build another one outside the city.

At the start of this month, the Select Committee investigating grabbing of Nabagereka Primary School and other Public land met with representatives of the Nakivubo sports fraternity from Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium and Sports at Parliament.

The sports fraternity led by David Kyambadde were presenting a petition to look into the illegal takeover of the land at the Nakivubo Stadium.

Kyambadde said the stadium established as a national monument and similarly serves as an annex for educational institutions to use as a playground occupied 13 acres including its surrounding environment and the playground.

But most of its land had already been grabbed and turned into shopping centres, car parks and car washing bays among others.

Ms Maureen Mulangira, a member of the Nakivubo sports fraternity said they had written formal complaint to the Board of Trustees, Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), Inspector General of Police, the President and the Prime Minister’s offices.

Top on the list of illegal structures are; Ham Shopping Mall, Kitandwe, John Bosco Muwonge, Kalita and telecommunication masts.

MPs promised to follow up the matter.


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