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Museveni: For 500 years…no one will stop us


President Yoweri Museveni says no one will stop the forward movement that his government has embarked on.

“We have successfully liberated the country, caused the minimum recovery of the economy and brought peace to the country for the first time in 500 years,” Museveni said while presiding over the army celebrations dubbed Tarehe Sita on Saturday at Kololo independence grounds.

“Before the 500 years, there was a bit of peace because of the Bachwezi dynasty,” said, pointing out that his government has also started social-economic transformation.

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“We are moving and no one will stop our forward movements,” the president emphasised.

“I want to assure you,” Museveni said, “like the Chief of Defence Forces [Gen Katumba Wamala] told you, that no one has capacity to disturb the peace Uganda has built.”

He told the citizens that to report any one doing wrong to the relevant authorities for action.

“They [opposition] are scared of elections now they are intimidating you not to vote, but don’t worry. Baganda say, “akabwa akasiru kabogolela enjovu” (a stupid dog barks at an elephant).”

He said UPDF was celebrating its 35 years of existence.

“Our army was officially birthed in 1981 after we attacked Kabamba military barracks, marking the beginning of the Bush War that liberated this country. I congratulate the people of Uganda, the NRM and the UPDF.”

Museveni said his government has recreated the enclave of modernity in Uganda’s economy.

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“In 1962 Uganda was a subsistence economy but as an enclave. The small island was characterised by the 3Ts; Tobacco, Tourism and Tea and 3Cs Coffee, Copper and Cocoa. Then we had an import sub-system for items like soap, salt. Those are what is called enclave economies.”

But in the 1990s, he noted, Uganda only had coffee and tobacco surviving.

The others had almost disappeared, with the import sub system almost dead too.



“I remember in 1986, people were drinking beer imported from Burundi.  Today, however, Uganda is a small island of modernity, recreated and expanded. Take the example of tea. In 1971 we used to produce 23 million kilogrammes, in 1986 three million kilogrammes while today it’s 60 million kilogrammes.”

The president said tourism has fully recovered and expanded.

“Our mission is to fully eliminate the subsistence system and establish a fully monetarised modern economy. Through prioritisation we shall achieve this.”



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