Museveni focused on making himself rich-Muntu


FDC president Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] President Mugisha Muntu says President Yoweri Museveni has been amassing wealth instead of developing Uganda as a country.

Appearing on “NBSFrontline” programme Thursday night, Muntu said politics in Uganda is about personal survival using President Museveni as the best example.

“President Museveni has focused more on enriching himself rather than advancing society.”

He added: “In the last 54 years, if we had leaders who cared about more than themselves, things would be different today.”

Political culture in Uganda is simply about individual survival, Muntu pointed out, adding that this has got to be changed.

According to him, some of the challenges Democratic Party is facing are similar to what FDC is facing.

He called for the need to build systems and make their parties stronger instead of using Museveni’s NRM as an excuse.

Muntu observed that FDC taking power will be determined by the capabilities and systems that they build.

“History will absolve me. If I make mistakes, I am ready to shoulder them.”

He said FDC is advancing in ways that most don’t understand and that his focus is on building systems.

“My focus is to strengthen the FDC to a point where no individual is capable of being larger than the party. We have got a society that wants to play it safe. In some cases, our society doesn’t even know what it wants.”

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo who was appearing on the same show challenged Muntu on the question of Besigye.

“NRM may be shackling you but is Besigye imposed on you by NRM? Whose agenda is FDC following? Yours or his?” Opondo asked.

Muntu replied that despite being aware of the situation, he rarely uses NRM as an excuse but is instead focused on building FDC as a strong organisation.

“My involvement in FDC came after evaluation and realisation that we needed to start once again. We need to build systems.”

“It took Israelites 40 years. Maybe after 40 years, things will be different,” Opondo chirped in.

Ignoring Opondo, Muntu said it is not a problem that Kizza Besigye is on the frontline in FDC because both have equal opportunities.

He said defiance is about more than FDC, the reason why Museveni’s government is in panic and afraid of them (Opposition).

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