Museveni declares Najjera urban war base


Museveni hugs a granny


President Yoweri Museveni has declared Najjera trading centre his new battlefield for fighting poverty in Wakiso and Kampala Districts.

The presidential press secretary, Lindah Nabusayi, says on his way to Happy Days Primary School to attend a meeting for local councillors, President Museveni painted Najjera town council all yellow.

Lindah says the president made several stopovers to inspect works by the youth at Hope Metal Works Ltd and a Motor Garage that repairs mainly European vehicles.

Here, he pledged to help them expand their business and employ more youth.

He was warmly welcomed by the youth in Najjera with chants of “Obeewo…pakalast… (stay forever).

When he addressed residents, Museveni said: “I want to use Najjera as my Luweero to fight poverty in Kampala and Wakiso.”

He added: “I will use Najjera to show Uganda what should be done to fight poverty.”

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Bush war

The Ugandan Bush War (also known as the Luwero War, the Ugandan civil war or the Resistance War) refers to the guerrilla war waged between 1981 and 1986 in Uganda by the National Resistance Army (NRA) against the government of Milton Obote, and later that of Tito Okello.

Before Oyite Ojok died, the NRA was nearly defeated, with Museveni living in exile in Sweden.

Following the UNLA infighting and the coup against Obote, the NRA’s guerrilla war gained momentum.

In December 1985, Tito Okello’s government signed a peace deal, the Nairobi Agreement, with the NRA.

However, the ceasefire broke down almost immediately, and in January 1986, Salim Saleh commanded NRA’s assault on Kampala, which eventually led to the demise of Tito Okello’s regime – with Museveni becoming president.

NRA became the national army, and was renamed Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF).

Najjera-the new Luweero triangle

Museveni told Najjera residents to work hard and increase their household incomes.

With their home area as his base, Museveni swore to liberate Uganda once more from poverty through wealth creation programme like he liberated from tyranny using a gun.

As  for Najjera pilot project, Museveni promised to start with small women groups, SACCOs, metal fabricators, food vendors and the like, saying  with about Shs 100m, the place could be turned into “a paradise”.

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