Museveni calls Israel Palestine, state broadcaster turns off his speech


Museveni receieves Netanyahu at Entebbe

An Israel Radio broadcaster was prompted to cuts off Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s speech on Monday during the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Entebbe raid.

The broadcaster turned off the president’s speech claiming it was “rambling and disjointed”.

It all started when Museveni referred to Israel as Palestine infront of a watching Netanyahu. At first, many thought it was a slip of tongue.

In what tweeps described as a “diplomatic embarrassment”, the president constantly referred to Israel as Palestine as Netanyahu looked on, visibly shocked.


Museveni then picked up the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, an ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the mid-20th century [about 49 years now].

“Well, I have never mediated on the issue of Palestine, but if you invited me I would do so in the shortest of time,” Museveni pushed his luck.

Out of nowhere, the president said, “Palestine is not like South Africa. This is nonsense.”

He continued: “The two of you [Israel, Palestine] belong to that area. You ought to agree to live side by side in two states.”

President Museveni then told the Prime Minister that Uganda cannot accept the bigotry that says “either of you doesn’t belong to that area”.

“Historically and legitimately the two (Israel – Palestine) of you need to live together. Those Jewish leaders were very clever otherwise we would be fighting with you right now.”


He added: “I often tell my Arab friends and Iranian friends that you are all mentioned in the Bible. We in Uganda are guided by the Bible.”

It was at that moment that the broadcaster at Kol Yisrael (Voice of Israel) switched off Museveni’s speech calling it “disjointed”.

“We have heard enough,” the broadcaster [not named] reportedly said while getting rid of the broadcast, which was streaming online live from Entebbe.

Israel radio, Reshet B had this to stay of the speech: “There was never a speech like this. The most bizarre and jumbled of all time.”

That did not deter the Ugandan leader who continued with his speech about Jews and Christians.

“Incidentally, you Israeli’s should know that a lot of Ugandans think that you are Christians,” the president said, presently.

He thanked PM Benjamin Netanyahu for turning a sad incident into a way of bonding with Uganda and Africa.

The two leaders then laid wreaths in memory of the 4th July, 1976 fallen heroes who include Netanyahu’s brother, Yonata Netanyahu.


Museveni and Janet lay wreaths

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