Museveni: Besigye does nothing except making noise


President Museveni talking at a patriotism training ceremony at Nyakayojo S.S in Mbarara District, August 11, 2015

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the National Resistance Movement is still a powerful and capable party and urged its members to stay united to achieve their goals.

Museveni who is also the National Chairman of the NRM said the party is more important than individuals.

The President was on Saturday speaking at a meeting held with NRM councilors and opinion leaders from Kanungu district led by Canon Josephine Kasya at State House Entebbe.

He said what Ugandans need is better infrastructure like roads and electricity, peace and security, improved education and health etc.

The President told the People of Kanungu that the government has already secured money for the construction of Rukungiri- Ishasha road and the construction work will begin between September and October.

He told them that all the areas in Kanungu district will be connected to electricity.

The group also presented their memorandum to the President.

Attacks Besigye

Museveni said NRM does not believe in sectarianism but instead seeks to help all Ugandans transform and become prosperous through economic production.

He then turned attention to FDC activist who has been going around the country de-campaigning him.

He noted that when the NRM government was busy fighting Joseph Kony, ADF, disarming the Karamojong, Dr. Kizza Besigye was doing nothing but making noise for the President to leave.

Besigye the “false prophet”

Back in 2006, Museveni described then FDC presidential candidate, Col. Besigye as a false prophet while campaigning in Jinja town.

New Vision quotes Museveni accusing Besigye of peddling lies about the NRM achievements, and promised to “detoxicate the toxins”.

“I hear there are false prophets here. They tell you that only Indians work in the factories, but we revived them,” Museveni told supporters at Kakira.

“These night-dancers are telling you that education for all (UPE) means bonna basiruwale (universal ignorance). I am told that is what Besigye has been telling you here. As I am going to correct all those lies, you will know why Besigye ran away from the army,” he continued.

While Museveni basks in the glory of his exploits, Besigye too boasts of the activism he has engineered over the years to ensure government respects the citizens of Uganda.

Besigye dilutes Museveni achievements

At the 2014 NRM Liberation Day, Besigye said the 28 years of NRM rule had climaxed in suppression of people’s liberties especially freedom of association and expression.

Besigye said Ugandans were expecting a more embracing regime but it has turned out to be a regime of few individuals working for their own interests.

He said urgent change was needed in running the country’s affairs to avoid a repeat of the country’s bad history.

Besigye told Daily Monitor in a 2013 interview that NRM had failed to live up to Point Number 5 of the NRM Programme of building an integrated self-sustaining economy – that is, creating an economy with inter-sectoral linkages, e.g. agriculture producing raw materials for industry and industry producing inputs for agriculture, etc.

Museveni responded to the interview in New Vision saying “It is true that the NRM has not completed the job of transformation of the economy, mainly, for two reasons: the very low base from which we started and sabotage by some political actors, especially, those who, eventually, joined FDC and other opposition groups”.

Besigye, a physician, politician and former military officer, in the UPDF contested against Museveni in 2001, 2006 and 2011 presidential elections, but lost in all of them.

He has since resorted to activism hoping that one day, it will give him the presidency, ensure Uganda is well-governed, free of human rights abuses and where resources are distributed equitably, free of corruption.

In April 2011, Besigye and a group called Activists for Change (A4C) began the walk-to-work protest to express their concerns about people’s dissatisfaction with rising prices.

Since then, Besigye says, he has been in and out of jail countless times.

The state has kept him under ‘preventive detention’ or house arrest severally to curb activism but the untiring Besigye is back, once more, pushing for electoral reforms with the backing of other political parties until Museveni gives way.

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