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Museveni: Army will handle peace disruptors  


President Museveni has assured Ugandans that no one can disrupt Uganda’s hard earned peace and security.

“The Army and other security agencies are strong enough to handle anybody who attempts to interrupt the peace that is prevailing in the country.”

In February 2015, Museveni said that given Uganda’s strong army, there is no chance for anyone whatsoever to destabilise the country.

He said that Uganda was a home of peace curtsey of the national forces (UPDF) noting that the Government has restored investor confidence for both local and international enterprises.

Gen Museveni also the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces emphasized that the “country is peaceful” because of UPDF’s strength and as such “no one can disturb it”.

While commissioning housing projects at the Masaka-based UPDF Armoured Brigade, in the same month, Gen Museveni said the first task of the army was to restore peace in Uganda and to build the capacity of the force capable of defending the country in an all-round form.

He likened the strength of the Army to that of a lion that has strong big teeth, a big head, chest and claws – all for decisive attack and defense.

He said the teeth of the army are trained soldiers with proper weapons without which they cannot defend the nation.

At the start of 2015, the President made it clear that with this strong army, he was in for a long rule.

In his New Year [2016] message, Museveni said ultimate security means the ability to guard our Sovereignty by, if necessary, defeating any aggressor on the globe.

“The guaranteeing of our sovereignty should not depend on anybody else except ourselves and some like-minded allies of similar interests and a common destiny, if necessary.”

“We always talk of transformation – Society moving towards a middle-class and skilled Working Society.”

He said the NRA has been fighting against the disorientation of failing to prioritize and trying to be everywhere and ending up being nowhere.

He said UPDF has ensured total peace in the whole country by defeating Kony, defeating ADF and disarming the Karimojong warriors.

“There is now total peace in the whole length and breadth of Uganda.”

The strategic goals of the Uganda people and their African brothers and sisters should be: “prosperity and strategic security”.

“When we talk of prosperity, we are talking of prosperity through production and not through parasitism.”

He clarified that it was this realisation by the NRM and its precursors that the most fundamental legitimate interest of the people is prosperity, that led us to evolve the principles of patriotism and Pan-Africanism.


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