Museveni aide clashes with Mbabazi youth


Luzindana and Mbabazi

The last time we talked about President Yoweri Museveni’s political assistant, Molly Kamukama, was on August 20, when she allegedly “bribed” NRM youth to denounce Amama Mbabazi.

The youth accused Kamukama of paying them Shs 1.5m each to cross from Amama to Museveni in a mock show staged at Silver Springs hotel in Bugolobi and overseen by police and military.

She is back in the news, this time taking on NRM Poor Youth Forum chair, Adam Luzindana, who accuses her of sabotaging the activities of the youth.

In a hot social media debate, Kamukama provoked Luzindana to confirm whether he is an “everlasting youth” following reports that NRM youth were “poor” yet the richest at the same time.

Luzindana shot back in equal vigour reminding Kamukama that he was unlike her boss.

“I was born in 1982, I am now 33 years old. I was elected chairman NRM Youth league Kampala region and my term is expiring in September this year …I am not seeking for any elective position in youth structures…not at all. I think Africa dictators need to wake to reality.”

Kamukama pressed on this time wondering whether Luzindana has joined the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

“Adam, what do you mean sleep? If it was not for NRM you would not have been a leader yet to begin with. And if you think, you are the only one awake, then you have a problem. Besigye went away in 2000 and Uganda has gone to great heights,” she reminded the youth leader.

Luzindanda was not beaten yet: “I am a member of NRM but my vote is for Mbabazi. The arrogance of people like Molly was the arrogance of Gaddafi’s henchmen. That is exactly how they used to talk .I remember Gen Mohammad Sujidair saying “many have gone to Europe to fight us but we are stronger” after one year, Gaddafi was killed by peasants like chicken thief.”

The charged youth leader continued: “Please stop the arrogance. Lying is the order of the day in State House, pledges and promises are too many, no drugs in hospitals, poverty is too much, etc.”

Kamukama laughed off the analogy labelling it mere blackmail.

“Adam,” she started, “those are your wishes. I am telling you the truth and there is no arrogance. Besigye has been in the cold since 2000 but Uganda has moved on. Don’t try to blackmail me.”

She told off the youth to concentrate on his candidate [Mbabazi].

“I have my candidate [Museveni], let’s convince Ugandans for a vote. We can discuss again in March. No bad feeling but agree to disagree. No threats of Libya, after all Libyans are not better now,” Kamukama suggested.

Luzindana insisted that what is in Libya is what Gaddafi wanted for his country and “that is what exactly what Museveni wants for Uganda…very unfortunate. 30 years …Mr Museveni, kindly think twice”.

Kamukama suggested that Luzindana instead tells Ugandans to vote for his candidate rather than use blackmail.

“What you are offering them, how and when. Simple things. Leave Libya as it will not happen here. NRM is deeply entrenched and we will transit at our own pace, not with schemers please. He exhausted himself 45 years. He has nothing new to offer. Because your preferred candidate is losing or what?”

Luzindana then went philosophical and tried to teach the president’s aide the etymology of blackmail.

“Molly. Do you know the meaning of blackmail or you just mention the word? How have I blackmailed you? You will never know what is in the hearts of Ugandans until after voting….just wait.”

But Kamukama also stuck to her guns saying the songs of Libya “is blackmailing voters” because the other ones are Arabs and “we are Africans”.

“No worries,” she continued, “let’s all look for votes. It will not happen here, because your candidate will be defeated and life will continue. Period.”

Luzindana then challenged her to answer why “Museveni is buying voters”.

“Yesterday, we met a delegation of NRM leaders from Kayunga who Museveni met in Entebbe and gave each Shs 300,000shs. They laughed. They said Museveni only told them history of the NRM war and gave them money.”

Kamukama said the money Museveni gave to the leaders was “transport” while challenging the youth to explain what his candidate will do for Ugandans for example on the question of food security.

“Our focus will be to boost production of food for consumption and for export but we shall invest more in small scale agro processing which later employ Ugandans, add value but also providing food for all,” Luzindana replied.

He labelled Kamukama’s boss a “user and dumper” to which the disinterested aide said, “Adam…I have to leave and go look for votes”.

But Luzindana was not done yet: “There are no votes you are looking for…people are tired and frustrated with the user and dumper. What new idea is Museveni offering really?”

We hope to catch more of the debate when it resumes as promised.

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