Museveni aide clarifies on shooting election protesters


David Mafabi.


The ruling party Secretary General has been in the news for saying government would shoot dead anyone who takes to the streets of Kampala to demonstrate against election rigging.


Kasule Lumumba, addressing a gathering in Nsangi Wakiso district, announced that as long as president Museveni [Ssabalwanyi] is still the president, all opposition plans will be in vain.


“All those things they [opposition] are planning…don’t send your children to Kampala to disorganise elections and peace in the country,” Lumumba told the gathering.


She said the government would get them [saboteurs] and shoot them dead.


“Let me tell you the truth, this NRM government is not going anywhere. What they [opposition] are planning that should send your children to Kampala to create chaos…they will kill your children. The state will kill your children if they come to destabilize and disorganize peace and security in Kampala and Wakiso.”


On Saturday, former presidential assistant for communications, Sarah Kagingo, asked Museveni’s private secretary for political affairs, David Mafabi, in a Twitter session to clarify on Lumumba’s remarks.


“Comrade David Mafabi, audio of a statement attributed to the NRM SG has gone viral. Did she make that statement?” Kagingo tweeted using #AskNRM hashtag.


Mafabi said he had not yet listened to the audio saying some people make up rumours or misinterpret what others say.


“What I heard was a statement that the “state would kill your children”. The state will not kill anyone,” Mafabi clarified.




A tweep asked what NRM plans to do if opposition doesn’t accept 2016 election results especially after Museveni wins.

Mafabi said some leaders were trying to create political temperatures but once people speak, they will have spoken.

“When people have spoken…the voice of the people is the voice of God. When God has spoken, who are you to argue with God?”

He said while in developed countries the elite compete ideologically, here people are still talking about defiance [Kizza Besigye’s campaign message].

“You have people talking about going forward [Amama Mbabazi’s pressure group] yet NRM has been going forward over the years.”

Mafabi said democracy in Uganda was growing and “I am sure the elections will be free, fair, peaceful, will reflect the will of the people”.

“Let’s all remain calm and lower the political temperature. Even during April 2011 walk-to-work riots, there was proportionate force used by police.”

Mafabi said during elections, there is a tendency for emotions to run high, urging calm.

Arming crime preventers


Another tweep asked Mafabi whether the guns they recovered while disarming the Karimajong would be used to arm crime preventers as police chief, Kale Kayihura, was quoted saying.


“We are going to change you from having sticks to rifles and get ready to defend this country in case of any attack,” Kayihura said in Kapchorwa while reportedly rallying crime preventers for war.


“We shall not hand over power to the opposition to destabilize the peace which we fought for,” Uganda Police Chief, Kale Kayihura, is quoted telling crime preventers.


Mafabi said no one was planning to arm crime preventers, suggesting that Kayihura was misquoted.


“Everything has to be done within the confines of the law. The crime preventers, Im aware, will not be receiving guns. As for the guns recovered from the Karimajong, most of them were destroyed.”


Mafabi says he is not bothered about what colour of uniforms crime preventers put on when reminded that crime preventers wear NRM T-shirts.

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