Museveni agrees to serve Kyalya as presidential advisor


President Yoweri Museveni has agreed to serve candidate Maureen Kyalya as her presidential advisor if she wins Thursday February 18 elections.

“President Kaguta Museveni has offered to be my senior presidential advisor,” Kyalya told the voters on TV during the second presidential live debate at Serena hotel in Kampala on Saturday.

Museveni said he had agreed to serve as her presidential advisor after rejecting her first offer of vice president.

Kyalya said he presence in the race was planned by God.

“I believe I have skills and what it takes.”

The excited lady even sung for the president.

Using her song, Kyalya asked Museveni to retire and leave presidency to the youth.

She said the problems in country were welfare related not military related. which makes her, a social worker, the most relevant president.

“I have every reason to believe that I have the potential to lead the country because I was groomed by Museveni.”

Kyalya “begged father” Yoweri Museveni to quit so they can take the country forward.

In July 2012, Museveni decided to go to President Museveni to take on the initiative to work in Busoga region.

She only regrets being self-centered.

“In Jinja when I let the MP who had rigged the elections to continue leading the people there.”

According to her, everybody in Uganda is born wealthy.

“We have the water and land. But families have broken down.”

She said a Ugandan should be the most important thing but not money.

“Ugandans have poor working conditions,” she pointed out while condemning the enslavement of Ugandans in their own country by Indians.

“We need to make sure that foreigners do not own land in Uganda. We should have a stake in all investments too.”

She said Kenyans are taking over jobs here but not Ugandans in Kenya due to lack of a common language.

She said it has taken NRM 10 years to set a minimum wage but it took them one week to come up with a law of paying Shs 20m for presidential candidates.

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