Muntu: We’ll take power in 2016


Muntu and his wife

FDC presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu has said the opposition will easily take power in 2016 if they are organized.

Here is his speech live streamed:

I stand before you to ask for your support as flag bearer for the FDC.

What happened this morning scared me a bit but we have showed the strength of the FDC and we progressed

Museveni does not fear me, he doesn’t fear Dr Besigye or Mbabazi, he fears strong institutions

I have no problem with civil disobedience but whatever action we decide to take, we must be organised. ‪

Without an organised Party and strong grass structures, no one will win Museveni and his crooks (sic)

This vote you make today is not about Besigye, not about me, it is about the strategy to take to win the election

I believe to the deepest core of my conviction that we can take on Museveni in an election

Museveni can pick any one here, throw him in prison and the country will go forward.

I am the party president, you had your time, if I don’t take the flag, I will have to rally the party behind you, but we shall be moving in the dark without organisation.

If I become the flag bearer, I will work with you and we take on Museveni. Even if I don’t, I will stay party president.

Muntu about Besigye supporters: When they see a good candidate, they will shift to defeat Museveni. I am a good candidate” ‪

One thing I am good at is strategy, I never allow myself to be provoked into situations. Try me out!

I became a military commander at 25, this is not for weak.

When I win this election you will see how I will throw Museveni into confusion. He won’t know who is with him or not

We shall break the movement and bring out all their support. One thing I’m good at, is Strategy.

The way I have built the party shows you the capabilities I have

I use guerrilla tactics in politics, try me out

I sold you a plan for over 60 days, that plan works. Managing a party that was turbulent shows you my capability.

I agree with you Besigye that we were cheated, were I defer is that I come with a solution [organisation]

People say humility is weakness, I say, humility is strength

I have the solution to that [cheating]. We shall not only win but we shall also take power

“Then people say ‘Muntu you cannot manage’…you cannot understand me. By the grace of God, we are going to take power.”

I can guarantee you that if you vote me, and TDA endorses me, I will be on the ballot paper.

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