Muntu: Museveni might collapse before 2021


FDC president Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] president Rtd Gen. Mugisha Muntu says opposition will press on until the regime of president Yoweri Museveni expires.

Muntu who was appearing on NBS TV Wednesday said what happened at Entebbe airport was not surprising.

“It’s a trend. The more the regime loses support, the more it fears crowds.”

He said FDC National Executive Committee [NEC] set up the committee that organized Kizza Besigye’s homecoming but couldn’t be at the same place always.

“Activism, like many other activities, will continue until this regime expires. We are not fighting for the limelight. If we were, we would be all over the place. We’re all involved in different activities that compliment each other.”

Muntu said if picking up guns was an option, he would fight but as a party, they decided not to get weapons and use other means.

Party development is broad, its not only about building structures, he noted, citing training, fundraising and recruitment.

According to Muntu, it is not easy to remain calm and systematic despite going through an election that was stolen.

“But we are doing it. Some people think our main objective as FDC is to take power. No. Power is not an end. It is a means. It will be disastrous if we take power and fail to change Uganda.”

He added: “Our long term objective is to transform the country. In order to transform Uganda, we need to prepare. That is why we’re focusing on ensuring stability in FDC and its growth.”

Asked whether Besigye is FDC and without him there is no FDC, Muntu said only time will resolve that argument.

“Besigye was our flag bearer. He is a senior member of FDC who is consulted every now and then. The stability of the FDC amid the hostility of the political environment shows how strong the party is. If you have an organisation that fails to manage its internal contradictions, that’s a failed party.”

Muntu said after the regime is ousted, “this so called Movement will disintegrate given its failure to deal with internal conflicts”.

He said FDC is much better off than they have ever been.

“These contradictions are good. They are strengthening us. We can only kick out Museveni when we build the required capabilities. I am not pessimistic. I am simply realistic. We must be prepared. Who knows, this regime might implode before 2021.”

He added: “If it doesn’t, we still need to be prepared. If this regime imploded today, we [FDC] are prepared to take power. Preparation is a constant.”

Muntu said FDC will cointue using civic action, the diplomatic front and the parliamentary front.

“The only front we don’t have and have no intention of having is the military front. As leaders, we must be thinking about all possibilities and preparing for the worst scenario.”

He asked  opposition to prepare if they are to speak with one voice saying the stability of the opposition as a group is dependent on the stability of its units.

“We [FDC] won but we didn’t take power. We were well prepared but it’s time for us to return to the drawing board.”

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