Muntu: Museveni handouts creating beggars




FDC president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, has told the delegates from Acholi sub-region that the party needs to organise more if they are to win elections in 2016.

“You can’t move 10,000 men and women when they are not organised and you think you will win,” Muntu said.

“Organisation, organisation, organisation,” he emphasised at a meeting attended by Hon Kassiano Wadri, Hon. Angelline Osegge and other team Muntu members on Saturday in Arua town.

In what looked like a swipe at his opponent Kizza Besigye, Muntu said pulling crowds at rallies does not necessarily lead a candidate to victory.

He recalled that opposition had huge crowds in the 2006 general elections but this has not translated into victory.

“I have not seen the crowds that welcomed us in 2006 elections in towns like Arua, Hoima, Kasese, Rukungiri, Mbale and many others. Those crowds could have moved us to victory but what happened, it is because we were not organised, and we had no plans to move forward with them. Crowds alone cannot lead us to victory,” Muntu told delegates.

Muntu says he is in the second phase in the quest for a truly democratic country.

Muntu who is chasing the presidential flag bearer office is currently traversing West Nile, Acholi and Lango sub regions after which he will head to Bukedi and other parts of the country.


Muntu greets Arua delegates

Museveni handouts

While in West Nile, Muntu turned attention to President Yoweri Museveni who he says is destroying the psyche of Ugandans with his handouts.

“We will have to continuously and systematically confront the culture of handouts that has been created by Mr. Museveni’s regime survival politics,” Muntu said.

“This culture is having a negative impact on the national psyche.”

Muntu says while on the surface, his [Museveni] actions may be seen as acts of magnanimity, underneath, it can only be motivated by evil intentions.

“There is a relationship between self-confidence, productivity and

“Our people have systematically been broken in spirit and have been turned into beggars in mentality.”

Muntu insists this “dangerous trend” has had direct negative consequences on the productivity of Ugandans.


“We have to rollback this mentality if our policies are to work and our actions to have full meaning.”

According to Muntu, people need to be given a hand up on the ladder of economic success rather than handouts.

He says shortcuts and quick fixes can never be an engine for sustained, internally generated economic growth and social progress and can never create a society that is affluent and at peace with itself.

“Indeed the outcomes of what Mr. Museveni has systemically created through crushing the spirit of our people is a deep sense of hopelessness, frustration and steadily boiling anger.”

Muntu said this situation needs to be defused before it boils over or explodes.

The president has been seen making donations here and there wherever he visits.

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