Opinion: Muntu is exactly like his mentor Museveni


I am not FDC.  The decision Muntu is taking has implications and consequences.  While KB [Kizza Besigye] is for Defiance,  Muntu is for collaboration with the regime.

While KB says he won,  Muntu’s actions say  the opposite.  While KB is calling for non-cooperation with the regime,  Muntu is saying we can do business with YKM. This sends mixed messages to the party grassroots,  disenfranchise it’s members,  erode the confidence people had in FDC and tantamount to a betrayal.

While I was calling for a total boycott of the last elections,  people called me names.  I warned this would happen.  I warned you were escorting YKM to the ballot box and that he would cheat, rig and steal the elections. Going to the ballot was only gonna legitimise YKMs dictatorship.

Going to court was just adding butter to YKMs illegitimate presidency.

Going to Parliament is going to crown YKMs Constitutional monarchical presidency that is founded in an illegality,  in dictatorship and in corruption.

What FDC MP’s should do is go to Parliament and paralyse the business of government by:

  1. Sit on the government benches
  2. Address the NRM as the official opposition in every speech they make
  3. Disrupt parliament.

But,  Muntu made a wrong decision of giving this group of MP’s a leader from Western Uganda.  That is why I fault him… He is guilty as charged for being a follower and not a leader.

Semuju Nganda shouldn’t have presented himself for the leadership contest because he is the one who presented that indictment report that confirmed what many were saying in private,  that the Western part of Uganda was taking the biggest share in political leadership and management of Uganda.  Equally,  Winnie Kizza shouldn’t have run for that position.  They both knew what it meant in solving the regional imbalances in the geopolitics of Uganda and especially in Parliament.

Muntu has shown to us all that he is poor at decision making.

Depending on whatever group of FDC you belong to,  you have to accept that Muntu made a grave error of judgement in appointing a westerner to be the Leader of FDC group in Parliament.  Others will call that leader the “official leader of opposition” while others will prefer to call that leader the “head of government business”.

Please don’t confuse having MPs in Parliament with the ongoing Defiance campaign. The two are separate.  The Defiance campaign is a response to the much desputed Presidential elections. I have pointed out on this very Facebook account that you can have a president from a political party that doesn’t control parliament.

What is more important to note is that the post (of leader of the FDC in Parliament) went to a westerner.  I come from Kasese district and I am a nationalist who think that the Museveni’s NRM has not been fair in sharing and distributing the national cake and sharing national jobs.

Now, we have Muntu making the same… Gosh!

I now realise that Muntu is not a national leader. I now know he is very poor at decision making. The appointment of Winnie Kizza as Leader of opposition was an error of judgement on his part. It shows me that he lacks the national character required of a national leader.

He is acting exactly like his mentor,  YKM, in giving the top leadership position in his party to fellow westerners.  I challenge you with this evidence.  Listen to what is said and the hard facts. Thereafter,  come back and we debate.  The problem with a big section of Ugandans is that they are allergic to hard facts.

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