Video: Muntu bins FDC boycotts, sets terms for Museveni talks


Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] president Mugisha Muntu has dismissed talk of a crisis within the party caused by his decision to choose a Leader of Opposition in Parliament contrary to the wishes of the majority.

“There is no crisis in FDC. The crisis is in some people’s heads,” Muntu said while appearing on NBS Television’s morning breeze programme Monday.

Muntu said naming a Leader in Parliament was under principle of ‘one struggle, many fronts’.

“It was a correct decision. If, as a leader, you believe two strategies can co-exist, you do that but there is need to constantly explain. We won the election and we were cheated. The question now is, ‘What do we do?”

Muntu said Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is an illegitimate President.

“He is the de facto leader. How we change that reality is what we are working on. I appeal to all our supporters to keep calm and focused and understand the strategies.”

Muntu said FDC was going to go through a period of analysis and examination of what happened and then rebuild the party.

“Winnie Kizza MP’s leadership position in Parliament was not a hasty decision but rather a decision we took after exhausted internal debate.”

Muntu said at FDC, leaders discuss issues within themselves; no one is manipulated which is very important for democracy within the party and the nation.

“I appeal to the leaders to remain calm. We are humans so there will be contradictions.”

“However, we need to learn how to manage internal contradictions. And personally, I have no problem with contradictions. There are yet more contradictions to come when in power. This is a learning curve for all of us as if we fail to manage a party, how will we manage a country? Let’s keep calm.”


Muntu said FDC was getting stronger ever since he took party leadership, yet a few had predicted a breakdown.

He said party rebuilding and civil action are the two main fronts they are using to maintain pressure and expose the panicky regime.

“We won an election. We were cheated. That is why we are still demanding for an independent audit.”

Over time, those opposing decision to name a leader in Parliament will realise this was a right decision, Muntu argued.

He said opposition wants stability in Parliament which is one of the fronts to apply pressure, hence naming leader in Parliament.

No boycotts

“I do not believe boycotts works, you build pressure. You do not boycott,” Muntu said contrary to Kizza Besigye who believes in boycotting government services.

The recently banned defiance campaign had two versions of boycotts; Tuesday meant no work but only prayers at the party headquarters.

Thursday was a stay-home protest that saw workers refuse to go to work.

Besigye had also called for a boycott of musicians who took part in Tubonga Naawe project as well as services by NRM members.

Muntu on the other hand says they will meet Yoweri Kaguta Museveni if there is a neutral arbiter, a known agenda agreed upon by all sides and a witness.

“We have had consultation meetings with him. I believe FDC is going to be very critical in holding this country together in the near future. We must sit down and understand what exactly happened and ask how we can use our strengths to deal with our weaknesses.”

Muntu has been criticised before for lacking a backbone to launch activism and defiance activities like Besigye.

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