Muntu: Besigye arrested 9 times in 11 days

1. Fellow countrymen and women, following the February 18th 2016 general elections which the FDC presidential candidate won, the country is under siege by elements of the military and police that were heavily deployed in Kampala and other parts of the country. Candidate Museveni has overthrown the political electoral process by use of naked force.

His regime has chosen to systematically intimidate the citizens, who simply exercised the right to elect a leader of their choice. The Constitutional and democratic processes have been hijacked.

2. The NRM regime led by candidate Museveni through misuse of the army and police has broken into our party Headquarter offices several times, laid siege on our premises , harassed our leaders and staff, arrested over 300 party members most of them polling agents country wide, arrested our Presidential candidate Col. (Rtd) Dr. Kizza Besigye 9 times in eleven days, denied him entry and exit from his own residence, denied him free access to his lawyers and persistently blocked him from coming to the party headquarters and therefore free access to the party leadership.

All these deliberate actions severely curtailed our efforts to seek justice through a court petition within the 10 restrictive days as provided in the law.

Inspite of the hostile actions and the deliberate frustration of our efforts to petition, we are fully committed to defending the mandate of our people as expressed in the electoral results.

We and other concerned citizens cannot stand by and watch the successful completion of a creeping coup de’tat that is under way against the people of Uganda.

We wish to assure all Ugandans that, we are working uncompromisingly for the realization of a change they voted for.

1.a) We demand the establishment of an Independent Audit of the 18th February 2016 elections. There are clear and glaring contradictions between what was declared by Electoral Commission and what we have gathered across the country. We have a situation in the country where the Presidential candidate who lost was declared a winner. This can only be peacefully resolved by an independent audit.

1. b) We demand an immediate removal of police, army and all other security forces from the home of our candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.

1. c) We demand an immediate removal of the police, army and all other security forces from the FDC Party Headquarters.

1. d) We demand the unconditional release of our leaders, supporters and all other innocent Ugandans who are being detained in relation to the just concluded presidential elections.

In pursuit of the above objectives and concerns, we shall:

  • Actively engage civil society.
  • Engage religious leaders and communities.
  • Engage with the diplomatic and International community.
  • Build a broad coalition of political forces.
  • And have a full scale engagement with the population.

We condemn the persistent attempts by the regime to criminalize peaceful civic actions. It is the legitimate right of any Ugandan singularly or collectively to express himself or herself through peaceful civic actions as a form of non-violent struggle as provided in article 29 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. Any actions contrary to these provisions are an infringement to our rights and freedoms. It is our Constitutional duty to defend these rights and freedoms.

Signed by:

Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu


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