Mukula: Mbabazi, Bukenya still our brothers



Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament Capt Mike Mukula

Soroti Municipality MP, Capt Mike Mukula, says Amama Mbabazi and Prof Gilbert Bukenya are still “our brothers” who need to be guided back onto the right path.

Mukula was appearing on KFM at the start of the week alongside Human rights lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi.

The Soroti legislator was asked to comment on the impending meeting with Amama by the NRM team of which he is a member alongside Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda, Haji Naduli, Matia Kyaligonza and NRM) vice chairperson, Al Hajji Moses Kigongo.

Mukula said they will be looking for ways of solving the current impasse in the party amicably and strike a compromise between Amama and Bukenya.

He said even the most democratic of parties like Chama Chamapinduzi of Tanzania has also had internal wrangles hence NRM is not unique to that end.

“Even the USA known for being democratic has had challenges,” Mukula said.

He praised Museveni for having done his best to stabilise, the party, the country and building a military force that has stabilised the continent.

He was confident that when they meet the two politicians this Friday, they will be able to iron out their differences.

The team was supposed to meet Amama over the weekend but he never turned up.

They are tasked with asking him to step down and let President Museveni reign as the party’s sole candidate and flag bearer in the 2016 general elections.

When asked why the party was bent on harassing and arresting Mbabazi, Mukula was not clear enough but said even democracy hinged on the rule of law and Mbabazi had to oblige with the laws of the party.

He was asked what democracy he meant when his team was meeting Mbabazi specifically to talk him out of competing against Museveni.

Mukula then went back to the Kyankwanzi resolution that named Museveni a sole candidate, claiming that was the decision of the arty and had to be followed.

“You see, Mbabazi and Bukenya are still our brothers. We are meeting them to find a way of resolving the current predicament and let events in the party progress normally.”

This angered lawyer Rwakafuzi who asked Mukula whether he actually understood the meaning of the word “brother”.

“What is so brotherly about arresting Mbabazi for trying to consult the electorate? What is so brotherly about arresting young men who have chosen to support Mbabazi and torturing them?” Rwakafuzi lashed out.

The lawyer said the NRM and the country at large had lost its touch with democracy and was now practising the politics of survival and domination.

Rwakafuzi said the country requires Elders who can stand up and tell Museveni and any other leaders who error that what you are doing is wrong.

“Museveni has worked so much to deny this country of such elders because he works hard to buy them off through gifts e.g. to religious leaders.”

“The problem is that Mukula who should have been part of such elders treats these things so lightly because he has not lost any relative in this.”

According to the lawyer, in truth, a good friend of Museveni now is one who tells him that what “you are doing is wrong and so bad for the country”.

Put off by bush war talk, Rwakafuzi reminded Mukula that if its fighting in the bush was the issue, “then we all fought”.

“Because the guerrillas never had gardens but ate people’s food so everyone fought therefore we cannot drain our country in such reasoning.”

Meanwhile, former Vice President, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, says he doesn’t know that Central Executive Committee that summoned him and won’t go there.

“If they want me, they can come and meet me here at my residence rather than them summoning me, I am above that kind of intimidation,” he is quoted as saying.

Bukenya and Mbabazi were at one time members of CEC and have both indicated they want to contest against their former boss in NRM and under Party of National Unity (PNU), respectively.

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