Muhakanizi: No money for MPs pay rise


Keith Muhakanizi


Keith Muhakanizi, the Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary says there is no more room for playing around with the budget because services must be delivered.

Presenting a paper on priorities in 2015/16 budget at the 5th annual High Level Policy Dialogue on the Budget in Kampala, Muhakanizi said the need for effective service delivery is so much that flexibility and maneuvering in budgeting is now over.

Muhakanizi said the focus is now on long-term implementation of projects and programmes and any deviation of funding for them derails the entire economy.

He says all, especially leaders, must move to a point where services are delivered effectively.

He added that government, parliament and even the civil society organizations seem not to recognize this fact, hence the rampant demand for supplementary funding.

Muhakanizi said the 2015/16 supplementary budget funding will be heavily controlled and replaced by a contingency fund.

He argued that since government programmes and civil servants are now funded on time, they have to perform and deliver services or quit.

On fears that the government is already interfering with the budget process by channeling funds to the general elections, Muhakanizi said there should be no cause for alarm.

He said the ending budget as well as the 2015/16 one will not be tampered with.

The PS also opposed the 40 increase in the pay of legislators saying it is wrong adding that, there are simply no funds for pay rises and other consumptive activities.

Julius Mukunda, the coordinator of Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group challenged Muhakanizi to be bold enough and not a paper tiger by following the budget to the letter.

Andrew Mwenda, the Chief Executive Officer of The Independent newsmagazine, said while the government is good at allocating resources, it is very poor in implementation unlike in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Mwenda argued that implementation of government programmes should be left to the private sector because they have proved to do better in that area.

Everest Kayondo, the Chairman of Kampala City Traders Association, said in order to reign in the falling Shilling agriculture should be made top of government priorities in order to increase production for exports.


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