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Mugabe ‘wears wig, earrings’ in South Africa


Mugabe appears like he is wearing a wig and earrings


While the February 2015 dust over #MugabeFalls is beginning to calm down, the Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, is yet in another photo controversy.

The 91-year old was days back making an historic visit to South Africa.

While standing outside the Union Building, the official seat of the South African government based in Pretoria on 8 April, some photojournalist took the occasion to take a new picture of the man.

The picture, unfortunately, appears as if Mugabe is wearing a wig.

Worse, it also seems like he is putting on a pair of earrings.

But on close scrutiny, you realise there was a woman standing behind him, so well positioned that you need to look closer to understand what is happening in the picture.

Media has already picked it up and intends to exaggerate beyond imagination.

In February, Mugabe fell down the stairs on his return to Zimbabwe from Ethiopia as he tried to address journalists.


Mugabe fall


The pictures nearly broke down social media.

Memes were also made showing Mugabe running, skiing, horse riding, dancing etc.

As a countermeasure, his bodyguards were suspended for failure to do something about the misfortune.

Meanwhile in South Africa, Mugabe, the elected chairman of the African said Africa wants a political environment in which “we are not interfered with by outsiders and we become masters of ourselves in Africa”.

He called on the rest of the developing world to take a stand against the United States, France and Britain, saying the governments’ messy, reckless, brutal approach to foreign affairs has left the Arab world divided.

“African resources belong to Africa. Others may come to assist as our friends and allies but no longer as colonisers or oppressors, no longer as racists,” he was quoted by media as saying.

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