Mpuuga sure Mbabazi can break Museveni cult



Vocal Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga

Mathias Mpuuga, MP Masaka Municipality, says Ugandan leaders have now made themselves cult figures instead of promoting institutions.

“We do not have institutions that guarantee stability in the country,” he said while appearing on NBS TV morning breeze on Thursday.

According to him, Uganda has failed to move away from tribal and religious inclinations.

He said the lack of institutions in Uganda has led to people leading others yet they are the ones who should be led.

“If a 30 year old regime doesn’t believe in change then there is an institutional problem,” he noted, adding, “At the helm of the state we have people who use the army as the arbitrator.”

Mpuuga reiterated the fact that the state has been fused into the government.

“We have the police chief, Kale Kayihura, declaring himself an NRM cadre which is partisan.”

Mpuuga observed that when the Electoral Commission was asked for a law that prevented Amama Mbabazi from holding rallies, they failed to produce it yet declared his rallies illegal.

“Many people would like to serve the country diligently, but they are forced by superiors to do otherwise.”

Why leave Besigye for Mbabazi

The legislator famed for the 2011 walk-to-work protests says he has now moved away from Kizza Besigye to support Mbabazi.

He told The Observer in an interview that their struggle has now got a new face with the appearance of Amama on the scene.

“Apart from being convinced that Mbabazi is a key player in the new face of the struggle, I am also trying to make sure that I participate in the party efforts to re-energize the struggle for the restoration of the rule of law,” he told the newspaper.

“I think Mbabazi is helping us widen the scope of the struggle and he deserves our support. In fact, the spirit of The Democratic Alliance [TDA], which is the founding ground upon which we have been working with Amama, recognized his critical importance and enrolled him.”

Mpuuga who has been a critique of Mbabazi for years now says Amama is game changer.

“When he [Mbabazi] said that ‘I have erred over the years and the system has gone astray, I want to work with forces of change’, it is only right that we appreciate his position. I am very sure that by Mbabazi joining TDA, he had turned into an activist for change.”

He advised Besigye to consolidate the available support he has built since 2001 when he parted ways with Museveni instead of building a new opposition force under Mbabazi.

“It’s not Mbabazi personally to deliver the opposition to victory, it’s a collective effort. Any failure will be collective failure. Otherwise, if it were personal, then we would leave the individuals to do it alone. It’s not Besigye’s personal mission,” he told Observer.

Mpuuga says he has sat with Mbabazi and there is nothing like NRM in his conception of what needs to be done.

“Anybody who went to school would know that between Mbabazi and NRM, there is a complete departure both in terms of what needs to be done today and tomorrow and what actually he obtains now in terms of the political path the country is supposed to take.”

According to him, whoever wants to kill the struggle, the worst thing they can do is to try and personalize this struggle.



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