MPs spend Shs188m on toilet paper, total foolishness-Mayengo


Ambassador Israel Mayengo has expressed dismay at how Ugandan Members of Parliament waste tax payers’ money on toilet paper.

According to the ambassador, MPs apparently spend Shs188m on toilet paper alone.

“This is a wastage of taxpayers’ money,” he said while appearing on NBS TV Monday.

He continued: “Parliament’s budget for toilet paper this year is apparently UGX188m! That’s one roll per MP every day. How? Why?”

He said amid all this, the public is increasingly realizing how less the MPs understand their country.

On the Shs600m spent on a lavish medals ceremony, Mayengo said medals should be for specific people, not everyone.

“The prestige and value of medals has been watered down in Uganda. Medals given out in 100s lose meaning.”

He said while the U.S. Congress is not buying cars for anyone, Uganda is here spending money on cars.

“Foolishness,” he summarised.

According to Mayengo, NRM says this term is “Kisanja Hakuna Michezo” but shows nothing different.

“What does that mean exactly? Have they explained it? I don’t see anything different from what we had half a year ago. I don’t see the impact of this government’s campaign.”

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