MP Olanya: Aronda to poison me over Acholi land


Kilak MP Olanya Gilbert addressing Press in Gulu over the escalating border tension between Adjumani and Amuru districts


Gilbert Olanya, the Member of Parliament for Kilak County, says the minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, is hatching a plan to arrest, imprison and poison him.

Olanya said the minister accuses him of stopping land grabbers from grabbing people’s land at Apaa and Acholi region in general.

“Now they are framing that am training rebels at Apaa,” he said.

He also revealed that the LCV Omach of Amuru accused him of buying guns, pangas, Spears, Arrows and bows for the youth.

They say am organizing for war at Apaa and transporting people from other Districts to Apaa (said by RDC Amuru Nok) and that his file was ready waiting sanctioning by the Director CIID.

“To Amuru people, whether am around or not never allow someone to play with your land. Land is the only tangible resource left for our children, grandchildren, generation and generation, protect it jealously. God bless Northern Uganda,” he said while sharing documents alleging a plot to eliminate him.

The plan to eliminate the MP

The documents which we saw are headed: “Minutes of an extraordinary regional security meeting on Apaa border conflict held in Acholi Inn on March 30, 2015”.

The meeting was attended by 39 people including RDCS, DISOs, police commanders and LC chairpersons of Amuru and Adjumani districts.

The RDC Amuru district said they had already held other eight meetings over the matter but their major challenge was MP Olanya who allegedly disrupted their last meeting.

“…he abused officials and instigated the community to riot and told them that the boundary between Amuru and Adjumani is along the River Nile.”

“The MP incites people that the government wants to take their land but not demarcate the boundary.”

The charge was confirmed by various LCs.

The meeting resolved to get evidence on “wrong elements and give names of individuals who are against the opening”.

The document is signed by Gen Aronda who was the Chairman of the meeting and Capt Vincent Bekunda, the regional internal security officer Acholi who was the secretary of the meeting.

The struggle for Amuru land: women strip naked, protest

In mid-April, a section of residents of Apaa village in Amuru district stripped naked and lay on the road to block a Police vehicle from delivering food to Officers deployed in a disputed area.

A team of UPDF soldiers and Police had been deployed in Apaa village in Amuru Sub County to evict residents ahead of the exercise to demarcate the boundary between Amuru and Adjumani districts.

The disputed 40 square kilometer piece of land is home to about 1,500 people.

Armed with spears, bows and arrows, the residents chanted war songs and threatened to kill any Police or soldier who dare step on their land.

In April 2012, old women stripped before a team of officials from Madhvani Group of Companies and Police led by Milton Odongo the then Amuru Resident District Commissioner.

MP Olanya denies inciting the community into violence saying the only elected leader who was controlling community at that time was the chairman NRM.

“There is no any telephone network in that place whereby someone can communicate easily, people mobilized themselves and unfortunate part of it is that no one is talking about why they mobilized that way.”

UPDF, Police brutalising northerners

He cited the 2012 incident where government “brought trucks of Security personnel in Apaa commanded by Ass IGP Grace Turagumanawe. They chased away pupils of Apaa p/s and occupied the school as there military base and used school desks as firewood”.

He added: “They forcefully evicted people using military trucks dumping them on the street of Pabo and told them to look for another land that time. 1,000 huts were burnt down completely, pregnant mothers, children, elderly women and men, spent nights in coldness (unfortunately we lost two kids at that time as the result of sleeping in coldness).”

Olanya says security men looted people’s animals, food crops and many properties.

They sued government but when an injunction was issued by the High Court of Gulu restraining any activities in Apaa, government never respected court decision.

“25 youth were arrested and taken to Adjumani prison, they were beaten seriously. After their release, one boy died.”

“During the eviction exercise Ass IGP ordered for the killing of a boy called where he was shot dead in the middle of the trading center where everyone was looking at.”

As for the undressing of women, Olanya said he had gone for the meeting together with Hon Odonga Otto in Apaa when suddenly people started crying at once.

“After a few minutes, we saw some women emotionally undressing. Later, many visitors joined them crying including some ministers’ escorts who come from Acholi land after looking at the plight of the suffering people.”

Lands minister cries too and halts the demarcation

Four days ago, Aronda and Lands minister, Daudi Migereko called off the demarcation exercise after elderly women in Amuru District stripped naked in front of them.

Migereko, was seen wiping tears as he briefly excused himself from the ugly scene where over 200 residents were gathering.

General Aronda after being treated to the ugly scenes ordered UPDF and Police to halt their operations.

He also ordered for an immediate and unconditional release of those arrested from the area in earlier demonstrations in protest of the demarcation.

Migereko told the surveyors to suspend the process and return the mark stones to Kampala saying the demarcation had been suspended to allow more engagement with Acholi Cultural Institution, Members of Parliament from Acholi and Adjumani.


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