Most Ugandan politicians are selfish, morally corrupt, sadistic and greedy


Apparently, being a politician in Uganda is very lucrative and that is why they would do anything to get into power and remain there.

We all know lobbying exists everywhere, but Ugandan politicians both from NRM and the Opposition sometimes take theirs to another level. They would do anything few months to the elections to get the peoples votes. They will become very generous sharing bags of rice,sugar soap and bribing people.

After the elections, they forget those who voted for them.

In Uganda today, accessing a political office holder like MP’s,Mayors and councilors is like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. As soon as politicians get elected, they forget that they are servants of the people; rather, they begin to act as lords over them, thereby making themselves unavailable when the citizens need them.

I therefore, wish all elected officials could create the opportunity for communication between them and their people.

Dixon Okello, the author is an events security guru.

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