Mon. Mar. 21, 2016 Uganda shilling and global market report


At the writing of this report 4pm GMT, the shilling is trading as follows. I use live currency so this price may not reflect what it closed at on March 21 since I am writing this one on March 22 having missed the one fro March 21.

The shilling is trading at 3365 on the US dollar, 4785 on the British pound, 3776 on the Euro, 33.15 on the Kenyan shilling and 2578 on the Canadian dollar.  I find this rather interesting because the Canadian dollar has dropped from a high of $0.95 on the US dollar now to $0.75 on the US dollar and yet the Ugandan shilling just keeps being weak on our dollar.

Coffee Arabica closed at $3.34 a kilo.  Damn it!  I should have gone into coffee.  This thing has risen $0.50 cents a kilo since I first started watching it.  Oh, but were I to follow my own advice, I would be rich!

Coffee Robusta closed at $1.69 a kilo.  Ditto!

Gold is trading at $1251 per ounce.  It had fallen quite a bit yesterday but recovering rather well so far gaining $7.35 per ounce.

Oil (Brent) closed none changed staying at $41.55 per barrel.  We should expect a minor pull back as it put in a hang man two trading days ago but not a very big one.  In addition, it has been working hard to get close to its 200 day Moving Average (MA) so if I were in, I would take some profits off the table just around this level.



Shanghai gained 64 points and this chart is making me cry with joy.  See for yourself.  Once it broke above the 200 day MA, it is like “nothing is gonna hold us back anymore”.

Hong Kong closed none changed and is yet to get close to its 200 day MA.  Rising tides rise all the boats.  We are counting on you Shanghai.

Tokyo – What the .. wait, what just happened? You are serious you are going down?  Losing 212 points just like that and down under your 50 day MA having even bridged the gap up?  Did you not get the memo?  This is a bull market!  Get with the system.


Frankfurt lost 2 points.  Indicators say it is going to fall a bit this week.  I am not worried about it too much because the weekly chart shows #SteadyProgress:).

Paris fell 35 points and formed more down movements this week likely till it touches its current support of the 50 day MA which is under the current level.

London fell 1 point but the daily chart is interesting. It has been like this for a week.  Up, down, up down, undecided.  The weekly one shows it going up but definitely this week we will see some losses.  It had gotten very close to its resistance, the 200 day MA, so this pull back is part of business.  I would take some money off the table though.

North America:

Toronto closed above the 200 MA 3 trading days ago, then under it 2 days ago and yesterday closed right at the line.  It is trying.  It fell only 31 points which is very minor for the $TSX.  Here, we fall hard people.  Not as hard as what Tokyo does but the $TSX can wipe off hundreds of points in one trading day.

Dow Jones Industrial Average – Oh my lordy.  Look at that Dow.  Well way above the 200 MA and not even looking back.  It fell a miserly 5 points.  Nothing to even write home about.

Standard and Poor was unchanged.  The daily chart does show an upcoming pull back.  It will be interesting to see how they all close today.  Mind you, we have a short trading week.  It is Good Friday.  Canada and USA do not trade on Good Friday.  No idea about the Europeans but the Asians will be trading.  We do trade on Easter Monday though.

NASDAQ is on fire.  It gained 10 points.  The reason I say that it is on fire is because usually when the other 3 fall, this one gets fever, coughing, runny belly, etc… So it is doing pretty good.

Global News:  I have been trying to share them as they happen so just keep an eye on my posts and other articles. You should also check WORLD NEWS on The Insider website.

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