Mirundi mixes Mbabazi, Mao with mafia


Mbabazi campaigning in Lugazi

Loose-tongued presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, says what presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi, does best is “use people”.

“Mbabazi uses people at every stage,” Mirundi said while appearing on NBS TV Extra, a programme that airs every Tuesday.

Mirundi cited the cases of The Democratic Alliance [TDA] official Zac Niringiye as the other “victim”.

He said Mbabazi did the same with NRM Poor Youth and now has picked Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao.

Mirundi said Mao himself is not reliable.

“He [Mao] is slippery. He once quit DP and formed a party with Aggrey Awoori.”

Mirundi said Mao once said he only does things twice but wondered “why then he is coming back (after two terms as MP)”.

Only last week, Mao was blocked by electoral commission from being nominated as Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament candidate in the 2016 general elections.

Takes swing at Besigye

Mirundi also attacked FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye, for saying he would do away with Resident District Commissioners who “are useless and yet increase unnecessary government expenditure”.

“A man cannot propose to his wife that to cut costs in a home, let’s deny the cat milk. Does a cat drink a jerry-can of milk?” Mirundi reasoned.

He said RDCs still play a vital role and are useful.

“They do not take that too much money as said by Besigye.”

Mirundi said Museveni unlike Mbabazi and Besigye listens and respects people.

Museveni earlier today in Soroti said he was only satirizing Besigye when he said RDCs are useless in a recent meeting.

Corrupt institutions

“All institutions are corrupt,” Mirundi stated, adding, “I am the only intellectual who can fight impunity in this country.”

He said to uproot Mbabazi, who he accuses of crippling all institutions in the country, one must attack them (institutions).

“Not every rat is eaten by a cat. Mirundi is a risk taker. Mirundi out reasons you,” the president’s dog said justifying why he attacks the institutions.

He said professional media personnel have a non-signed contract with the masses to fight for them, to fight for the voiceless.

“In every government,” he continued, “there is a voice of wisdom; I am the voice of wisdom.”

He said the ‘local mafia’ controls the media and determines what is disseminated.

“I do not believe in collective responsibility. Do you know why the people trust me? I speak what others fear to say.”

He added: “Media institutions have been there for me to see I return on air, I thank them.”



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