Mirundi: Mbabazi will hand Museveni court victory, return to govt


“You think he is in court to challenge election results? No, ” Tamale Mirundi started, picking on Go Forward candidate, Amama Mbabazi.

Mbabazi who got 1% in the general election this week petitioned Supreme Court alleging election rigging.

While court is set to hear his petition on Monday, Mirundi believes Mbabazi has something else up his sleeve.

“He is in court to exonerate Museveni. He wants to return to government.”

Mirundi also the Presidential advisor on media matters was Thursday night appearing on ABS TV programme “Tomorrow’s Leader”.

He said Mbabazi’s counter plan having lost the elections, is to not to win the petition since he has no chance with that.

“He knows this petition concerns everyone. It also concerns Kizza Besigye ( the FDC candidate who got 35%). Now that he (Mbabazi) has petitioned, there is no need for Besigye to petition.”

Mirundi said Mbabazi’s (cleverly calculated) petition doesn’t say himself was cheated but that elections were rigged.

According to this, Besigye who never petitioned is also counted among those rigged out in the election and when the petition is lost, even Besigye will have lost.

After filing the petition on Tuesday, Mbabazi invited FDC to join him.

“Once court throws out the petition, Mbabazi will say ‘ I petitioned and we lost. I did my part’. In actual sense, Mbabazi will have helped prove that Museveni won the 2016 elections. And with that, he will return in Museveni’s government.”

After falling out with Museveni a year ago, Mbabazi said although he remained a member of the ruling NRM party, he would never work with Museveni again.

Recently, he changed his statement saying he would work with Museveni again in the future if conditions were suitable.

Before, he has served as a security minister, minister of defence, prime minister and NRM Secretary General.

Mirundi says after handing over a court victory to Museveni, Mbabazi will be landing himself a juicy position in government.

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