Mirundi: Illiterate thief, Brig Nalweyiso, wants to eliminate me  


Brig Nalweyiso (R)

In his popular recordings, the presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi, says the problem with Brig Proscovia Nalweyiso, is not just being a thief but illiteracy as well.

Mirundi says when he refused to be party to money grabbing schemes invented by Brig Nalweyiso, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Defense and Security and Maj Edith Nakalema, the Private Secretary/Secretarial duties, they decided to report him to the President.

“They lied to the president that I was abusing his wife, the First Lady on radios,” Mirundi narrates.

“I told the president that the problem with Brig Nalweyiso is that she is very illiterate. She doesn’t understand anything.”

Mirundi said he wondered what criteria and which hierarchy the President uses to communicate to civilian staff.

“How can I be summoned by Major Nakalema and Brig. Nalweyiso? Who are they to call me?”

“Nakalema calling me to meet a conman bent on fleecing the president? I threw the phone on the wall.

Mirundi told the president that he would not be party to a clique that wants to get money from the Head of State during elections.

He said the “gang of thieves” also knows he won’t join them and are now planning to eliminate him.

He said after lying to the president that Mirundi had abused Janet Kataaha Museveni and the trick never amounted to anything, they are now spreading rumours that he was fired.

“You see, at first I respected Nakalema but then I realised she and Nalweyiso are vulnerable. I told the president that the problem with Nalweyiso was because she is illiterate.”

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Brigadier Nalweyiso, is the highest-ranking female UPDF officer, who fought in the five-year guerrilla war that brought President Museveni into power.

Nalweyiso led the women’s wing in force from 1983 when the NRA rebels were still in the bush, until 2001.

Now 61, Brig Nalweyiso has worked as the deputy chairperson of the army retirement team, whose role is to oversee the veterans’ compensation.

However, there is no clear record of her education history or academic qualifications.

Born in June 1954 in Mpigi, her family was large, with 20 children.

By 1979, she had started working as a junior teacher and a typist at a church near Gombe, Mpigi district.

She joined the National Resistance Army (NRA) in 1982.

Mirundi says she now leads paupers and thieves in State House.

“I also told these people (gang of thieves) that I will never travel with Museveni until after elections. The president cannot force me to work with them, if he does, I will resign and go to Rakai.”

“Mirundi is a rich man, that’s why the thieves don’t like me.”

He said working in State House for him was not an end in itself because he has his own money.

He said desperacy for riches had forced Nakalema and Nalweyiso to hire a conman from abroad who told Museveni that Ugandan oil was contaminated with poison gas.

“They told him much of the oil was located in Congo and asked him to relocate oil wells back to Congo which Museveni ignored.”

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