Mirundi: If Mbabazi captures power…



Vocal presidential advisor on media, Tamale Mirundi, has advised FDC strongman, Kizza Besigye, to quickly apologise to Amama Mbabazi before it’s too late.

Mirundi was Tuesday morning analysing the state of the nation on NBS TV.

“Amama Mbabazi is going to beat Besigye in one month,” Mirundi said.

The two leaders; one opposition and the other NRM were recently locked in a battle for The Democratic Alliance [TDA] flag bearer.

In their earlier ratings, Mbabazi was put above Besigye after scoring 1% higher.

FDC protested the results leading to the Bugolobi summit that saw opposition youth storm the venue and remove Besigye.

Mirundi says those “hooligans” were organised by Mbabazi too.

The Bugolobi summit failed to pick a flag bearer and so did the other two following meetings.

In their vote, only two parties backed Besigye while the rest [majority] backed Mbabazi.

FDC denounced Amama for corruption scandals and lack of structures leading to the collapse of the alliance.

“If Besigye was man enough,” Mirundi pointed out today, “he would go and apologize to Mbabazi.”

He added: “Amama Mbabazi is going to destroy Besigye. People used to think syphilis was strong until AIDS came into the picture.”

Besigye says he is not against Amama but that all leaders had to be verified.

Speaking on capital gang on Saturday, Besigye said the disagreements stemmed from the fact that Amama failed to show commitment to fighting the opposition cause.

“There’s a process…that’s all am saying. In saying this people have accused me of self-interests.”

“Yes we brought this man [Mbabazi] but we didn’t know he was going to turn.”

Besigye said the only contradiction was the flagship, who would lead the struggle and be its face.

Yet after being endorsed by majority parties in TDA as their joint candidate, Amama said he would work out issues with Besigye.

He said the two had met 22 times and would continue discussing until a consensus is reached.

Amama invited Besigye to join him in the alliance so they can cause regime change.

Meanwhile, Mirundi doesn’t rule out the possibility of Amama capturing power.

“Even if Mbabazi comes into power, I won’t go into exile.”

He added: “You can’t be protected in a country whose government your fighting.‪”


He said while still the Prime Minister, Amama was able to create a government within the government.

Mirundi said Mbabazi created the cholera scare as an excuse to steal money.

“I chased away the people Mbabazi sent to me in order to set up a public relations company for the government.”

He said if a government is corrupt it doesn’t need to hire a public relations company.


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