Mirundi fired for opposing Shs4bn social media cash



The self-proclaimed president’s dog also presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi, has been fired from his job for opposing Shs 4bn social media money.

According to his earlier recordings, Mirundi says Maj Edith Nakalema, the president’s private secretary, Brig Proscovia Nalweyiso, the presidential advisor on security were pushing for Shs 4bn to be spent on social media during the campaign period.

When they called a meeting to justify the amount, Mirundi refused to attend it saying he would not help them “extort money from president Yoweri Museveni”.

He said the team which he labelled “a gang of thieves” was working with the NRM national treasurer, Rose Namayanja, the NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, and the presidency minister, Frank Tumwebaze, to achieve that end.

The group had already got the money from the president but wanted Tamale to justify their cause which the president’s dog refused to do.

The conspiracy and the sacking of Mirundi

Mirundi has been in the news with his recordings exposing State House intrigues and infightings.

He also gave out an interview to a local tabloid detailing the “thievery” ongoing at State House and those involved.

On Friday, Maj Nakalema, Brig Nalweyiso, Lindah Wamboka, the deputy presidential press secretary, Charlotte Turantunga, from ICT department and Lucy Mbonye Kyobe, the financial controller, sat down and devised the method to kick out their arch-enemy.

They picked a YouTube video in which Mirundi says Amama Mbabazi is powerful enough to defeat Museveni and showed it the president.

They successfully convinced the “big man” that the video was recorded by Mbabazi group and that Mirundi was serving their interests.

Nakalema told the president that she had intelligence indicating that Mirundi was being paid by businessmen in Kampala to go on radios and abuse their competitors.

She cited tycoon Godfrey Kirumira and Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige aka BMK who owns hotel Africana saying Mirundi was helping them to fight their opponents.

Nakalema begged the president to sack Mirundi with immediate effect.

Lindah takes over, Mirundi made presidential advisor

While the group was determined to get rid of Mirundi once and for all, Museveni reminded them that Tamale has worked faithfully for him for a long time.

He reasoned that his dog should be compensated somehow.

The president then resolved to appoint Tamale a senior presidential advisor.

Meanwhile, Lindah was promoted from deputy to full presidential press secretary.

Mirundi’s other crimes

Mirundi has also committed other crimes in the eyes of his State House enemies.

For example, Nakalema wrote to him proposing that they buy expensive cameras to push out the hi-tech Special presidential communications assistant, Sarah Kagingo, which Mirundi declined.

It didn’t save much because afterwards, Kagingo openly opposed a move to fleece Shs 650m from Museveni by the same group that claimed to spend the money on designing the State House website.

After interfering with their deal, Kagingo was hounded, harassed and finally kicked out of State House.

Then Lindah also suggested to Mirundi that they begin repairing microphones used by president at Shs 400,000 per week.

Mirundi was of the view that they should buy new microphones hence enlarging the enemy scope.

Like Mirundi, other reporters in the press unit have lost their jobs for daring mess with the deputy PPS.

Jacob Kato, a photographer, Molly Nyesigaomwe, reporter, Amos Taremwa, reporter and Steven Okoed reporter won’t have their contracts renewed as well.

The source says the Financial controller, Lucy Mboney Nakyobe, is friends with the new PPS and the money will now flow like the rivers of Babylon.

We are told the jubilation inside State House now is sky-high and unequalled as Tamale’s sacking letter is on the way.

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