Mirundi dares Maj Nakalema: Fire me if you can!


Gang Leader Maj Edith Nakalema President Personal Assistant

Loose-tongued presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi, in the new series dares Maj Edith Nakalema, the presidential private secretary, to fire him if she dares.

In a social media message issued Monday, Mirundi said he has been busy elsewhere and had not secured time to clear the air about “many rumours that have been going around”.

“I have been busy to respond. Let me clear the air by making some clarifications,” he starts.

“I will not abandon president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni,” Mirundi affirms although he says the president has lost grip of events and is losing control of the country.

In a YouTube recording, Mirundi said Museveni was panicking over Amama Mbabazi because he never anticipated to stand against him

He also says Museveni’s home is in a fracas while State House is engulfed by real fighting.

“However,” he continues, “if he (Museveni) is nolonger in power, I will not serve in any other government.”

He said the likes of presidency minister, Frank Tumwebaze, Nakalema and Brig Proscovia Nalweyiso who he says head a gang of thieves at State House “can never frustrate my efforts to serve the president”.



“I challenge Nakalema to deliver my dismissal letter,” he dared the Special Forces Command soldier.

According to insiders, of recent, Nakalema has been spreading rumours that Mirundi had been fired which the self-proclaimed president’s dog rubbished as nonsense.

“The move to dismiss Mirundi is Major Nakalema and Nalweyiso move to clean State House of everybody not loyal to their clique,” the source tells us.

Some insiders in press unit claim Mirundi questioned what Nakalema knows about media and why she was interfering in operations of Press unit.

“To the extent that she threatens staff with dismissal for not working against their colleagues who she hates.”

According to Mirundi, “Nakalema and Nalweyiso are just being used”.

When Major Nakalema had just been employed in State House, she sacked President’s household team in charge of preparing food for not taking tea to wherever she went, continued the source.

She gave the staff 3 hours to leave Rwakitura on a bus before 5am when the President moves out to take a walk.

The move backfired on her when the staff used social media friends to expose it and were recalled.

Mirundi concludes with a quote of the week: “You cannot compete with a dead body in smartness, no one is going to see it where it’s going.”

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