Minister compares Besigye to Kibwetere


State Minister for Information Technology Honourable Nyombi Thembo says Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] has a “Kibwetere mentality” that is they are trying to convince supporters of something that is hard to achieve.

Joseph Kibwetere was the leader of a cult in Kanungu who promised his followers that the world would end in 2000 at the dawn of the new millennium.

When this didn’t happen, Kibwetere gathered his followers in a church, sealed it and set it on fire.

“This man [Kizza Besigye] who you say is ‘gaining momentum’ has 35 MPs ahead of the 10th Parliament while we [NRM] have over 300,” Nyombi noted.

He says it is the minority that are making noise not the majority that voted for President Museveni.

“FDC, who will be the members of this independent audit? Tell us. Where has this spurious idea worked?”

According to him, an independent audit undermines the judiciary after Supreme Court ruling.

“It’s impractical. They are asking for something they will not get,” Nyombi pointed out while appearing on NBS television on Wednesday.

He argued that FDC want to keep NRM in the electoral atmosphere so that they don’t deliver on their manifesto which will not happen.

He says election observers are lay human beings but that the law was complied with according to Supreme Court.

“What else do you want? An election meeting the so-called international standards is different from an election that was stolen. What are those standards?”

He added: “Kizza Besigye is bad loser. He is not the only candidate who stood. If all of us who lost contested, this country would be on fire. If you can’t trust the Supreme Court which is made up of honourable judges, then who will constitute the independent audit panel?”

In their request for an independent audit, FDC is asking for something that can’t be done, according to Nyombi.

He says Supreme Court is a court not a commission of inquiry. It examined what was brought before it hence the verdict. “That’s our Constitution”.

Under the Constitution, the minister pushed on, an independent audit as called for by FDC is not provided for. Aggrieved parties like Amama Mbabazi go to Supreme Court.

“Kizza Besigye has a right to move but when his movements become a procession, police have to move in. Processions have their own procedure. Impromptu processions with no regulation warrant that police comes in. They disrupt traffic.”

He agrees Besigye is a big person in this country… the de facto opposition leader and must know that his actions have consequences.

“Besigye is not a common man like you and me. He got over 3 million votes. He has followers. His movements can cause issues.”

Nyombi reminded the opposition leader that holding processions, will not make him more popular and get him more sympathy.

“When you walk a line of defiance, you will be met with resistance. There is no government around the world that can allow a single person to defy the laws of the land. As we enjoy our rights, we should not interfere with the rights of others.”

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