Minister Banyenzaki says politics is pain


Minister Banyenzaki (L) having a chat with pastor Mugisha Mundo at the African secrets grand launch at Sheraton hotel in Kampala


State Minister for Economic Monitoring has advised those vying to join politics not to dare because it is a painful pursuit.

“Join the private sector instead,” Banyenzaki was speaking at the launch of a tourism magazine at Sheraton hotel last Friday.

“And please, stay there, in the private sector,” he continued, adding, “that is where the money is.”

The minister said that they (politicians) are poor but the actual money is made by the business community.

“If you are looking for money, don’t join politics because it is not there,” he urged, speaking from experience.

He said the private sector employs politicians and all government officials.

“Be it Members of Parliament, ministers, civil servants and even the President himself, it is you (business people) who employ us,” he sounded serious.

He said public servants were able to operate because traders pay taxes and earn the country domestic revenue.

“We are your servants. That is why I keep an open policy at my office so that any one of you can approach anytime for services. That is our job, to serve you,” the minister received a loud cheer and handclaps from the audience.

He said all the money in banks was there because businessmen and women toil hard to ensure the economy runs.

“The money in Bank of Uganda doesn’t belong to politicians. It belongs to the business community that makes it and the bank keeps it for them.”

He cautioned the youth and businessmen who want to cross to politics not to bother because they will instead suffer a painful experience.

“Those who want to become MPs,” he paused and shook his head, “unless you want to test teargas or be caned on streets. Politics can be painful.”

In March, 2015, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Hon Wafula Oguttu, confessed how politics has alienated and exhausted him.

“When is it ripe to retire from active politics? I have been deep in it since August 2004 when we founded the FDC, spent a great deal of my energy it.”

He added: “Now, I am starting to feel rather tired. And spiritually lonely.”

The private sector, according to Banyenzaki, has brought the country where it is and still keeps it going.

Banyenzaki has “painfully” stayed the Member of Parliament Rubanda County West in Kabale District since 2001 and State Minister or Economic Monitoring since 2011.

Uganda can become a donor

Speaking at the same function Amos Wekesa, the Uganda Tourism boss and founder Great Lakes Safaris and lodges, said Uganda can become a donor country if the private sector as well as government joined to promote the tourism industry.

He cited an example of birds saying Uganda had 300 bird species more than what the entire American continent has.

Yet, America can make $300m from tourists who visit to see birds which isn’t the case in Uganda because of poor promotion.

The chief guest at the function, Maria Mutagamba, emphasised this point saying Uganda had one of the best climates in the world, a potential that is not yet fully exploited.

She invited the private sector to invest in tourism and develop the country.

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