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Midwife ‘suspended’ after Besigye visits rotten Abim hospital


Santana [in red] has been served with a suspension letter

A midwife working at Abim hospital in Abim District northern Uganda has been served with a suspension letter for allowing FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye, into the infirmary.

Sr Adong Santina was served with a suspension letter days after Besigye visited the hospital on his campaign trail in northern region.

According to the letter, Santina and other hospital staff who were on duty on the day Dr Besigye visited the hospital have been threatened with possible suspension.

Abim chief administrative officer, Moses Kaziba, asked Santana to explain why she associates with politicians and why she was disclosing “medical secrets” as opposed to the ethics and conduct of her profession.

He threatened her with consequences.

Kaziba is the same man who in April 2015, told MPs that vouchers for over Shs900m were eaten by termites when asked to account for the lost money.

Asked whether they are to blame for Santina’s woes, Besigye’s campaign team said they had no appointment with the midwife absolving her of all blame.

They told us government is taking it out on the innocent staff after having failed to improve the services at the hospital which they described as “filthy and rotten”.


Besigye checks on patients

Speaking after the visit, Besigye said the hospital was dilapidated and has not had a doctor step on the premises for two years.

He said the referral operates without running water.

Santana told Dr. Besigye that patients have since abandoned the hospital due to lack of basic facilities and medicine.

Besigye toured the hospital, interfacing with a few patients that have stayed at the hospital although without attention.

He vowed to turn around the health system once FDC gets into power.

Government hurries to cover up   

We have also learnt that days after Besigye visited Abim Hospital and decried its sorry state, government is now in advanced stages of renovating it.


A bed at Abim hospital

Apparently, President Yoweri Museveni has extended a lumpsum Shs700m to the new Abim RDC, Mpimbazi Hashaka, to do the necessary.

The money is to be used for renovation since the structures are in a terrible state and services too are lacking.

This is not the first time Besigye has discovered a loophole and prompted government to act.

When he promised laptops to secondary school students, government announced it was delivering computers to primary school pupils.

He criticized the unnecessary expense on RDCs prompting Museveni to agree with him that RDCs were useless although he later retracted his statement.

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