Mbuya priest hires witchdoctor to murder MP’s family

Fr. Twesigye leading the mass at Mbuya (1)

Fr. Twesigye leading mass at Mbuya

Detectives from Special Investigations Unit (SIU) headquartered at Kireka have completed the investigation on the case file against top cleric, Fr. Paulino Twesigye, who is accused of attempting to murder a legislator.

Sources tell us the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has received the file from police for perusal and very soon they will parade Father in courts of laws.

According to the file, Fr Paulino sent the money or was communicating to other arrested suspects.

The head of Mbuya catholic dioceses who sits on the committee organizing the Pope’s visit is said to have hired three people to murder Jacqueline Kyatuhaire, the former Woman Member of Parliament for Kanungu district, her 80 year-old mother, Kodiriya Mulungi, Jean Kabarungi, Jenifer Kyomugisha and Pascal Mwesigye (all family members).

Deal gone bad

A Good Samaritan leaked the plot to the family saying the priest wanted to grab the family land and houses located in Mutungo.

A case of attempted murder was opened against him under file Ref.SD 7/23/5/15 and GEF 101/2015.

Detectives from SIU Kireka swung into action by arresting 3 hired men; Innocent Nuwagaba, a disco joker in Mutungo a Kampala suburb, Silagi Ssalongo Muti of the same residence and Sulaiman Muyombwa a local witch doctor who was picked from Masaka.

While recording a statement at police Silagi revealed that him and Dj Nuwagaba failed to complete their mission due to fear that they would be arrested for murder.

He told Fr. Paulino that he had a special witch doctor in Masaka who he had been using to carry out city murders and go unnoticed.

He went on to brief him that if they met the native doctor he would help them to kill the other people at the same time using witchcraft (Juju).

The three planned and travelled to Masaka at night where they met
Sulaiman, the Juju man.

It’s said that Sulaiman asked for Shs 1m, photos of the persons to be killed, a white sheep and a hen.

The Father accepted his requests and gave out the money but pledged to send other necessary animals as he had not come prepared with them.

Later the priest was taken up hill for cleansing with blood and Sulaiman requested him to pray while holding the photos of the people to the gods which
he did.

The three returned home early in the morning.

Money disagreements

The priest then gave money to DJ Nuwagaba to buy the animals needed for the sacrifice.

Having bought the items, Siragi requested Nuwagaba to give him the remaining facilitation which the former refused.

Siragi then contacted the priest but the man of God told the assassin that he no longer needed his services.

Siragi then hurried and warned the target legislator’s family who reported to police.

The house situated on the contested land (1)

Jacqueline’s family house located in Mutungo

Police summons the priest

After the arrest of the assassins, Police summoned Fr. Paulino for questioning but refused to turn up.

He instead rushed to Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, and ISO’ Bakahumura for help.

The two security bosses advised him to appear at SIU and record a statement because failure of which he would be arrested.

On June 3, 2015, Fr Paulino appeared at SIU with his lawyers and recorded a statement.

The wrangle

On 5th January 2015, the priest ordered the arrest of MP Jacqueline’s mother under Case KMP/E/403/2015.

The old woman was detained at Jinja road police station for trespassing on the priest’s land before Kayihura intervened and set her free.

The family in a statement said they had bought this piece of land with father Paulino back in the 90s.

When Fr Paulino returned to head Mbuya Catholic Church in 2013, he asked them to vacate the land.

When they refused to leave, the priest hired killers to eliminate them.

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