Mbabazi threatens ‘coffin protest’ against Museveni



The former Prime Minister and now presidential aspirant, Amama Mbabazi, has threatened to organise a demonstration against President Yoweri Museveni similar to the one staged against him in Gulu town.

At the close of last month, hundreds of NRM youths declared Mbabazi ‘politically dead’ and carried a coffin covered with posters and T-shirts through the streets of Gulu to a burial ground, where they scornfully ‘laid Mbabazi to rest’.

They accused him of mismanaging the Peace Recovery and Development Plan, a fund channelled through the Office of the Prime minister, which Mbabazi occupied prior to his dismissal from Government.

Speaking at the burial of his brother, the late Enock Bahemurwabusha Bagwowaabo, on Sunday, Mbabazi said “it is the character of a principled man that determines who likes him”.

He later told a meeting of local leaders in Kanungu district that NRM had resorted to absurd methods of operation in a bid to destroy him.

He demanded an explanation from top NRM party leadership regarding their approval of a protest staged against him.

Worth noting is the fact that while police restricts all protests in the country, this one was allowed and police officers offered as an escort.

More so, the state further provided crime preventers to stage another anti-Mbabazi protest in Gulu led by MP Odonga Otto.

Amama further threatened that unless the party chairman, President Yoweri Museveni and senior NRM officials explain why they allowed such an event to take place, he will organise a similar protest (carrying and burying the coffin of Museveni).

Amama further condemned police for the way he together with Kizza Besigye were arrested even after notifying them on the planned meetings.

Amama reiterated that he will not be intimidated by anyone in his quest for the presidency.

Activists slam Mbabazi, Besigye arrest

Addressing a press conference in Kampala yesterday, human rights bodies under their umbrella body, Human Rights Network Uganda (Hurinet), condemned that arrest of Mbabazi and Besigye and their supporters on their way to Mbale.

The chairman of Hurinet, John Mary Odoi, asked government to stop oppressing people who are exercising their constitutional right to assembly and association.

While police insists the two had violated the Public Order Management Act (POMA), Odoi says police action of stopping lawful assemblies is unconstitutional and a disregard of the rule of law.

“The blocking and prevention of citizens, political aspirants and party candidates from consulting the public as part of preparations for party primaries and 2016 general election is uncalled for,” he said.

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