Mbabazi: Tampering with election results will be a coup


Mbabazi addressing a rally in Mbale town

Go Forward Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has warned that if the February 2016 elections results are by any means tampered with, the action will be interpreted as a coup d’etat.

Mbabazi made the remarks on Sunday while addressing press at Elgon Hotel in Mbale town.

“There is a tendency to declare different results during elections,” he said.

He announced that his camp intends to be vigilant and avert that.

According to former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa, FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye, defeated President Yoweri Museveni in the 2006 elections.

Sejusa says the results were, however, altered by the army in favour of the incumbent.

Government and the electoral commission have since dismissed the revelation as a fairy tale.

Mbabazi who says he now knows the workings of government revealed that elections results have not once or twice been tampered with.

“If results are tampered with,” he noted, “to us, that will be a coup.”

He said the Go Forward camp was would then see how to handle it [coup].


He said if elections were held today, he has no doubt the one with the best ideas will win.

Possible joint candidature

Mbabazi said his camp was still open to the idea of joint candidature by the opposition.

Mbabazi and Besigye disagreed on who would represent the opposition in The Democratic Alliance [TDA] coalition.

Not even the Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga, and former Secretary General, Kofi Annan, could strike a deal between the two candidates.

“Our side is open,”Mbabazi said yesterday.

“We shouldn’t compete at parliament level. Its also not too late for a joint candidature.”

He added: “Ofcourse we have a few divergences and that doesn’t mean we don’t agree on principle.”


Mbabazi said his campaign was about poverty and that he has had many alleviation schemes with different names but poverty is still here.

Speaking at a rally in the afternoon, he said: “We want the subcounty to become productive and create all sorts of opportunities for our citizens.”

According to him, a successful implementation of ASM will enable the government to improve the state of families.

He promised to reduce power tariffs which were too high for the citizens especially in the rural areas.

“We will have a special program for education including scholarships to reduce on the high rate of school dropouts.”

He promised that his government would build Health Centers and  have them adequately staffed as well as build staff quarters.

Restoring term limits  

He said part of building an effective government is building trust among the people and the government.

“First of all, these years in service have given me experience in how government works.”

2Some of you may be asking why I am standing? What can I provide that is different?”

Mbabazi said although he fought in the removal of term limits, he is going to get in Parliament to restore term limits.

“We want to restore respectability of the rule of law,” he stated, adding, “We would like to change government which works on the basis of the all individuals.”

He said if one wants to bring change, one must understand the system to spot where the weaknesses are.

Uganda, he said, has changed many governments in the last 53 years.

“It has always been bloodshed and this needs to change. I am offering myself as a transition leader. My intention is not to stay in power.”

He said this transition should allow for new ideas and new ways of doing things.

As for NRM supporters coming to his rallies, Mbabazi said he would welcome them.

“There are people who are clad in NRM t-shirts who attend my rallies. I have no problem. In any case I convert them.”


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