Mbabazi says power be given to the young


Mbabazi at a rally in Tororo on Tuesday

Go Forward candidate, Amama Mbabazi, spent Tuesday in Tororo and Butaleja towns canvassing for votes.

At separate rallies, Mbabazi spoke about his experience in government working in various Ministries and how it has given him understanding of how government works.

“Government works efficiently when strong institutions exists. This is why I am standing. I believe we must build strong institutions,” he told supporters who had gathered in large numbers to listen to him.

He said that was the first change that he, under the Go Forward platform, will ensure.

“That we build strong institutions and fill all vacancies.”

He described himself as “a candidate for Change”, explaining that change should be in how “we work, efficiency, and output”.

“I do believe that as a country, we must prepare for a transition. We have never had peaceful transition from one generation to the next.”

He said it was this transition that shall keep Uganda on the path of progress.

He said there was need to identify and nurture the next generation and prepare for this [transition].

Protecting the future starts now by protecting the vote, Mbabazi said, adding, “My interactions across the Country shows overwhelming support for change.”

Safeguarding this change, he noted, starts before the vote.

“Be vigilant. Ensure your household is informed and your neighbours hear the message.”

He urged voters to keep the spirit of change alive.

“Even when you are discouraged you keep going. On voting day, leave no one at home.”

Mbabazi said the aspirations of Ugandans is for a better Uganda quoting Exodus 14:15 which talks about children of God going forward.

“Let us move forward peacefully.”

He said Tororo had a great potential especially if a lot of emphasis is put for industrialization.

The people are hardworking with good work ethics, he observed.

Mbabazi said TDA (U)/Go Forward through programmes such as the advanced Subcounty model, jobs for all, universal healthcare, etc will enable this change.

“When I started this journey in June 2015, I said then that we have 8 key pillars for development. We have spoken on all of these at each rally.”

The pillars of development:

“1) We must revive our democracy and government institutions

2) We must transform the economy and attract heavy local and foreign investment

3) We must promote equitable development where all communities and all regions of Uganda equally benefit from decisions made by the government.

4) We must provide jobs that are fit for the 21st century

5) Ensure a greater level of accountability on the part of all leaders and make a stronger effort at fighting corruption at all levels.

6) Reinforce the observance of and respect for the Rule of Law while ensuring Security for all

7) Provide good quality healthcare

8) We must enhance the quality of education while addressing the skills gap that is our future, our promise.”










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