Mbabazi promises electric trains


Mbabazi addresses a rally


Go Forward candidate, Amama Mbabazi, says his government will introduce electric trains to impact the economy positively.

Mbabazi made the remarks Wednesday while addressing a rally in Wakiso district.

Mbabazi cited an example of a coal train that takes 3 days to travel between Kampala and Mombasa.

“This time must be reduced by introduction of electric trains,” he said.

Apart from trains that transport goods and raw materials, Uganda also introduced passenger trains running from Namanve to Kampala.

The trains managed by a chain of KCCA, government and RVR, commenced operations on Monday this week.

The former Prime Minister said the introduction of electric trains, would in turn have positive impact on the economy of which the people of Kireka are actively participating.

An Electric train, according to Wikipedia, is a train powered by electricity.

Examples include: Electric locomotive, Electric multiple unit of self-propelled carriages and Battery electric multiple unit of self-propelled carriages.

They are used for faster transportation in developed countries.

Low cost housing 

He repeated his message of a Uganda that works for everyone and is interlinked.

“In Kireka in particular, I have spoken about the need for the Advanced Sub-county Model which will increase productivity at the village level and that in turn will increase trade amongst the people of Kampala and the whole country; trade that is urgently needed to uplift the economic activity of most areas of the country.”

He said this [trade] in turn would expand the cash economy in Kampala.


Mbabazi in Kayunga

Mbabazi also visited Kasokoso where he pledge that his government would look into the possibility of low cost housing and improved healthcare for the area.

“To improve the standard of living of the people of Kampala one must improve the road infrastructure.”

He said Kampala in general needs to be developed on a Masterplan basis.

“This my government will embark on next year.”

Yesterday, Mbabazi was in Kayunga traversing areas of Bukoloto, Kitimbwa, Busana, Kiteredde, Kilindi, Nazzigo, Kangulumira where the people braved the heavy rain to attend his rallies.

Poor road network

Mbabazi is quoted by The Observer expressing shock over poor services including poor road network in Ugandan villages.

While driving on Tirinyi-Paliisa road late last week, Mbabazi was nearly cut off by broken culverts.

He suffered similar hurdles in Nawanyago-Busimbi-Kisozi road in Buzaya county in Kamuli district.

He said while Ethiopia has 26,000km of tarmac roads, has only 2,000km in 30 years of NRM government in power.

He said the roads were inaccessible by those driving cars and would possibly favour those in helicopters [meaning President Museveni who uses a chopper donated by Mike Mukula].

“My drive through these villages has exposed me to reality of the abject poverty that our people are living in,” he is quoted by Observer as saying.

“I have also seen that our children don’t have the facilities for a conducive learning environment. All this must change, and that is what this election is about.”

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