‘Mbabazi plotted exile of Mande, Kyakabale, Besigye’


Lt Col Kyakabale

Henry Banyenzaki, the state minister for economic monitoring in the office of the president, says Amama Mbabazi is responsible for the exiling of renegades, Col Samson Mande and Colonel Anthony Kyakabale.

The MP for Rubanda West in Kabale district made the revelation in a recent interview with The Observer.

“He [Mbabazi] is the one who made Colonel Kyakabale, Colonel Mande flee to exile and caused most of his comrades to go out of NRM because he was scheming against them,” Banyenzaki said.

He said that was why, for example, there was no senior Munyakigezi who is behind Amama’s candidature.

“Mention one NRM senior Munyakigezi or one cadre or his comrade if you know any, not even Col Kizza Besigye who is in FDC,” the minister insisted.

Kyakabale, a self-exiled UPDF officer, returned home in March 2015 from Sweden where he had lived for more than twelve years after declaring war on government.

Kyakabale is considered one of the masterminds of the People’s Redemption Army (PRA), a rebel group established in early 2000s to oust the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

Kyakabale even met Museveni, apologised and promised to support him forever and ever.

His colleague, Col Mande and at least 25 people were charged with treason and concealment of treason in 2003, in connection with the rebel group’s operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

They rushed to Rwanda in 2003 and a later relocated to Sweden.

Kyakabale and Mande are among soldiers who fought in the bush war that brought the National Resistance Army (NRA) into power in 1986.

Kyakabale’s return came three months after another self-exiled army officer, Gen David Sejusa returned home on December 14 after spending one year in UK.

Col Mande is yet to return although he promised to set foot in the country this year.


Col Samson Mande

Mbabazi scheming all along?

Banyenzaki says Mbabazi not only schemed against these fierce commanders but for many years has been “scheming against his colleagues, scheming against his comrades and he always thought that he was the best amongst all of them and he was a very poor team builder”.

Banyenzaki points out that its only after Amama fell out with president Museveni that the Kyakabales back [from exile] and “you see Mande is trying to come back”.

Betraying Besigye and Bukenya

“But even Besigye knows that part of his being in exile [in South Africa before 2006 elections] was because of Mbabazi. If it was not for the benevolence of President Museveni, Mbabazi who was the minister for security then caused all the havoc, which happened [against] Besigye. Mbabazi was in charge.”

“So, if you want a real dictatorship or tyranny, you [Ugandans] vote Mbabazi in power, you will see a tyrant and a dictator who was orchestrating the sending away of his colleagues from the NRM.”

He said Mbabazi is now a hunter being hunted because he “hunted everybody and he was hunting everybody out of malice”.

Banyenzaki gave another example of former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya, saying he had a struggle with Mbabazi.

“When Bukenya visited Kigezi region, Mbabazi, together with Hope, came back with all sorts of lies against Bukenya and us. He said Bukenya was plotting a coup against Museveni.”

“So, he and Bukenya cannot see eye to eye. Mbabazi and Besigye, I have told you, it’s Mbabazi who was tear gassing him and he is the one who forced Besigye into exile.”

Banyenzaki insists without President Museveni’s mercy, Besigye would never have come back and settle in Uganda because Mbabazi would have made sure of it.

“So, if Mbabazi, a tyrant, stands against a people’s person [Museveni], it doesn’t worry me because we are talking about people power and Mbabazi has tyranny power. Can tyranny overtake people power?” the minister queried.

Critics say Mbabazi employed elimination method to prevent Banyakigezi war combatants from gaining superiority.

He knew by eliminating war hero Mande and Kyakabale and leaving others like Emmanuel Mutebile Bank of Uganda governor] and Ruhakana Rugunda [current Prime Minister] he would he easily takeover than having the renegades and Besigye around, observed an analyst.

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