Mbabazi: How Museveni rigged 2011 elections


President Museveni and former Premier Amama Mbabazi discuss during the NRM Parliamentary caucus

Go Forward presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi, made a revelation which indicates that President Yoweri Museveni rigged 2011 elections.

According to Mbabazi, in 2011, 5.6 million voters were registered but 42% of registered voters never voted.

42% of 5.6 million voters totals to 2,352,000 voters.

This means the total of those who voted in 2011 was 3,248,000 voters.

Yet, he revealed, Museveni won with 5.4 million votes, a surplus of the 2 million voters who didn’t vote.

According to The Observer, a comparative analysis of the 2006 and 2011 election results shows that Museveni’s overall vote tally increased from 4,078,677 in 2006 to 5,428,369 (a difference of 1,349,692 votes) in 2011 yet the voter turnout declined from 65% to 58% in 2011.

Besigye’s votes declined from 2,592,954 to 2,064,963 votes, a margin of 527,991 in 2011.

In a first statement the chairman of Electoral Commission of Uganda, Badru Kiggundu, said that Museveni won with 68.38 percent of the votes and Besigye got 26.01 percent.

68.38% of 5.6 million voters means Museveni got 3,829,280 votes not 5, 428, 369 votes as recorded.

26.01% of 5.6 million voters means Besigye got 1,456,560 votes not 2, 064, 991 votes as recorded.

Yet, the race had Norbert Mao who came in third position with 147,708 votes, Olara Otunnu of the Uganda People’s Congress 125,059 votes; Betty Olive Kamya of the Uganda Federal alliance 52,782 votes; Abed Bwankia of the People’s Development Party received 51,708 votes; Jaberi Bidandi Ssali of the People’s Progressive Party got 34,688 votes and independent candidate Samuel Walter Lubega got 32,726 votes.

The total votes for the rest of the candidates in 2011 was 444,671 votes of the overall 5.6 million [making it 7.94 percent].

68.38 [Museveni] +26.01 [Besigye] +7.94 [other candidates] totals to 102.33 percent.

Let’s try official EC records

According to the electoral commission, the total voters were 14 million people in 2011.

EC says only 59 percent of the 14 million eligible voters turned out to vote in 2011.

59% of 14 million voters means only 8,260,000 voters actually voted.

If according to Mbabazi, 42% of 8,260,000 total voters [according to EC] did not vote, it means 3,469,200 [42% of 8 million] did not vote.

So only, 4,790,800 voters came out and voted out of the 8 million voters in 2011 [minus 3,469,200 who didnt vote].

68.38% of 8,260,000 million total voters means Museveni got 5,648,188 votes not 5, 428, 369 votes as recorded.

26.01% of 8,260,000 million voters means Besigye got 2,148,426 votes not 2, 064,991 votes as recorded.

Still using EC records, Museveni has a surplus of 219,819 votes [5,648,188 -5,428,369 equals 219,819 votes] not anywhere in the register.

“In the last election, more people abstained from voting than those who voted for the winner, Museveni,” Mbabazi concluded.

EC has already rigged 2016 elections  

Speaking at his Kololo home on Tuesday, Mbabazi said the arrest of Besigye yesterday was deliberate to instil fear.

“If this can happen on eve of elections, what will happen on Election Day?”

He asked the state not to be tempted again while calling for calm.

“Ballot stuffing plans have been completed. That is why Uganda Electoral Commission doesn’t want people to monitor,” Mbabazi told press.

Earlier, Besigye who was addressing press at his home in Kasangati demanded that EC avails information of the 20,000 voters who were deleted from national voters register.

This came after a concerned citizen discovered the over 20,000 ghost voters prompting Kiggundu to apologise.

Both Besigye and Mbabazi separately condemned the Electoral Commission ban of mobile phones at polling stations.

“The Electoral Commission is hiding something,” Mbabazi said.

Besigye who asked Ugandans to carry their phones along on Election Day and use them to report any suspect occurrences, said Kiggundu has no powers to ban the use of mobile phones.

In a tweet today, EC maintained: “Cell phones are only allowed outside polling stations. This is to facilitate privacy during the ‘secret ballot’ voting.”


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