Mbabazi daughter: Mwenda is now empty tin




Amama Mbabazi’s daughter, Rachel Mbabazi, says The Independent Magazine CEO, Andrew Mwenda, has now become an empty tin, talking for the sake of making noise.

Rachel was angered by the fact that Mwenda who has always attacked and said ill of her father is now turning around to flatter and sing praises for Mbabazi.

Rachel says the same Mwenda who has always belittled Mbabazi went on television and claimed he is the best leader Uganda can have, all of a sudden.

She says Mwenda has now become “transparent” and can be compared to a “see-through dress” because he has exposed every inch of himsel.

Here is her full description of Mwenda:

Thank you for expressing your doubts that there was a meeting between Museveni and Mbabazi in which the President proposed to amend the constitution and create a new government post.

The whole story is ill-conceived and I think Observer must have been duped.

It is interesting that you think the flaw in the story was that the PM chaired the meeting. You stated that Museveni can never allow anyone to chair a meeting in which he is.

You think his ego is that big, eh? Well, I have some thoughts of my own.




First of all, the venue was all wrong. M7 likes to have meetings on his turf – State House or Rwakitura.

Secondly, the story alleged that a new post of Deputy President would be created, like the one in Kenya.

Hmmm…that would mean that this Deputy President would in effect be replacing the Vice President and Prime Minister?

Surely, even Museveni cannot be so insensitive as to have the current PM chair a meeting in which his job is being offered to someone else? That’s absurd.

Now I would like to discuss your obvious about-turn on Mbabazi. I used to read all your articles a long time ago.

I would watch you on television and listen attentively to the things you said, like I did today. I must say I find you very entertaining.

Today was an interesting day in the life and times of Andrew Mwenda. I cannot understand your ability to change directions, to alter your stance, to completely invert your former premises on their heads.

It is amazing. You see, I have listened to you talk Mbabazi for ages.

I have even come up with a term to describe this odd and unique characteristic of yours.

You are an oscillating pendulum. You turn every which way, at any time, with no warning, I cannot keep up.

I would think that having positioned yourself as a political analyst, you would hold on to some fundamental truths. But alas, it seems not.

Today, you waxed lyrical about Mbabazi. You talked about your love for him. You said that he would be a good president. That “everything would work under Mbabazi”.

You even emphasised your point by saying that “everything that is failing now would work”.

What? I have met people who like the man but this kind of adulation I have never heard. You sounded, for lack of a better word, duplicitous.

It is impossible for you to have had a change of heart of such magnitude. If I believed it, it would rival St. Paul’s Damascus moment.

You have stuck with one classic “Andrew Mwenda” truth. That is that Mbabazi cannot win an election for president. In fact you think that he cannot get even 1%.

We can discuss that but I think it would be a waste of time. Let me instead propose that you change your thinking once more, for the umpteenth time.

Consider instead arguing for him to stand. Wouldn’t it be interesting? I think, for you, it would be.

Don’t you want to check the validity of your deductions sometimes? We could even raise the result so that we increase your chances of being right.

Say 6%? Think about it. It would make NRM actually adhere to its own constitution. It would promote democracy in Uganda. What’s the harm?

There is nothing negative that can come out of it. After all, he may not get more than 6%.

I would like to finish this love letter to you by addressing your accusation. You said that I abuse you on Facebook. Awww. Really?

You who spends hours on end on television and radio talking about people and what they are thinking.

You who writes articles analysing leaders and the motivations behind their actions. You are unhappy about me on my little Facebook page? I thought you were made of sterner stuff.

Please stop complaining because it is very dishonest of you. I am not a journalist like you. I do not have a way with words like you do.

I am not a keen observer of people, nor do I think that I am capable of understanding their motivations.

In fact, you must be a lot more intelligent than I when it comes to these matters. What I am is an honest observer of events. I also have the memory of an elephant.

So when I describe you or anyone else in a certain way, I can always back it up. Maybe because I have watched you for years, I am beginning to understand you.

I just wanted to tell you that, to me, you are becoming so transparent you are almost see-through, Mwenda.

Until next time. Catch you on NTV news, as usual.

Your ever devoted fan,



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