Mbabazi daughter: Museveni publicists are insults to mankind


Rachel Mbabazi


Rachel Mbabazi, daughter to Kinkizi West legislator, Amama Mbabazi, is back and this time thinks President Yoweri Museveni’s spokespersons are an insult to mankind.

She singled out government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo and the President’s dog, Tamale Mirundi.

Rachel was responding to remarks by the new presidential assistant for research, Duncan Abigaba, the Deputy Presidential Assistant/Research & Information.

Abigaba was defending Museveni who was attacked by a one Dembe Drew for opening taps in Arua, allegedly as a campaign strategy to tap votes in the region.

Here is Rachel’s response:

Wow!! Duncan Abigaba, all I wanted was a clarification about what exactly Museveni was doing in Arua.

Your post. It started so well. You explaining the different projects and their worth. I was impressed. But I wondered why in heaven’s name Arua was voted the best city?

On what basis? From your submission it seems to me Arua and surrounding parts are just getting introduced to 20th century living. I am happy though and congratulate Arua.

So far, so good. You were defending Museveni, the President. But then you went on to defend Museveni, the man. Why? Why water down the long overdue projects in Arua by insinuating that people should be grateful?

Between you and me, for how long should Ugandans be grateful for a group of political non-starters going to the bush to fight a rigged election they were nowhere near winning?

We are grateful already. What more do they want? Can they spell it out for us please?

Let’s talk facts. Museveni has been abused far worse than Drew Ddembe calling him an “opener of taps”. I never saw Museveni react the way you have today.

Normally you react in a very controlled manner but for some odd, and unknown reason, today you unleashed the dragon. It surely can’t be about something Drew said. What is going on, my brother?

Let’s break down what was reported in the papers, the pictures posted and see what it looked like. Forget about what it was intended to look like.

What did it look like? It looked like a whole President opening taps. I am not lying to you.

The figures you have quoted that are costs for Arua or Terego or wherever the taps were getting running water are astronomical. Why would it cost so much? This is a question that arises from your answer to Drew.

One can think it cost that much because either 1) someone made a big enjawulo, or 2) for some inexplicable reason the whole place hasn’t had running water since 1986!

So now, suddenly, in time to get West Nile votes (you mentioned how finally they are all voting NRM), Museveni has ensured that the entire place joins the rest of us in the 21st century by having running water at a cost of billions.

My brother, people from Arua are bound to ask if truly NRM thinks it is doing them a favour. Isn’t NRM the government for all including those that didn’t vote for it? What is so special, in this day and age about getting running water?

I understand where you are coming from. I get that the insults are serious. What I do not understand is why you are taking them personally?

Duncan, I think that Museveni will always get abused, insulted, described in unflattering ways and accused of all manner of evil things.

Most of the spokespersons given the job to defend him and State House have resorted to using full blown insults. Tamale Mirundi, Ofwono Opondo and the likes. They have those jobs for a reason.

They are, in of themselves, insults to mankind. For this reason they can come up with the most foul of languages, the most indecent things to say about others. Do you know why? It is because they can’t defend anything.

Either they do not have the information, or they are too lazy to research…or maybe they are just dense. Whatever the case may be, they are allowed to “defend” in illogical ways because not much is expected of them.

You, Duncan Abigaba, are not in that league. You can’t handle living in sewers with rats and snakes. Leave that to the others.

Going down the road of implying that either Drew deserved the Iron bar attack or that, worse, he imagined it, is just not you. Making the assumption that he is an elitist doesn’t make sense.

Yes he is elite but aren’t you also?

NRM fought to bring people freedom. The liberty to express themselves. When did NRM’s goal change?

Fact: Iron Bar attacks are rampant in Kampala. How do you start to dispute them?

Fact: Doctors are paid peanuts. Brain drain has been happening for decades. How do you blame Drew for seeking greener pastures elsewhere?

Isn’t that something we all do? Many seek greener pastures in Kampala. Should they stay in their villages?

Fact: Ugandans in the Diaspora contribute millions of dollars to our economy. How can we then turn around and disparage them?

We, NRM founders’ families that were in exile, cannot disparage them. You see, our survival in exile depended on professional Ugandans like Drew.

Many didn’t even believe in our cause but helped us nonetheless.

Many were not willing to go to the bush, to run errands looking for arms or medicine but without them we would have starved in exile.

Without them we would have been homeless and would have been easy prey for thugs. Are you aware that most of us first run to Kenya, to Nairoberry?

We must celebrate Ugandans in the Diaspora who have accomplished feats that most natives have not in the countries in which they reside. It is not easy over there.

Competition is stiff. But every time I turn around, yet another Ugandan has done something to make us proud.

There is the astronaut working in NASA. Dr’s. Muniini and Bikangaga in Canada and the US. Did I see posts about twins Kato and Kakuru who just graduated at MIT? There are hundreds of them.

These are the people who will come back tomorrow and help build our society. In fact, I don’t know why we are not sending people abroad to study and gain expertise from the Western World?

Oh…we are. We now send people to Aberdeen to learn about oil.

I think today you were a bit stressed over other things. Duncan Abigaba is not like some mercenary wanna-bes who frequent threads on FB.

You know what I mean. The ones who don’t possess a quarter of your IQ or even a half of your life experience.

I have seen some congratulate you but do not believe them. They just want to conscript you into that hell hole they live in. The sewer with rats and snakes, a stench so bad you’d prefer to suffocate yourself than breathe.

Please keep giving us the truth. The facts about what exactly Museveni is doing when he tours these places.

As such, the next time he cuts a ribbon at a boda boda stage, we will know that actually he was just passing by.

He had lots of other things to do that are worth the expense of moving him there.

Rachel Mbabazi

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