Maverick: How security agents abduct Ugandans


Maverick Blutaski

The abductions are pre-dawn attacks on the victim.

They are planned to have an element of surprise typical of military operations against a perceived enemy.

The security agents by this time have intelligence on the targets’ homes, schedule and movement obtained through previous contacts with the police as the front-end of what is masked as “due process”.

The abductors have nothing to show they are police men. They are not in uniform. Have nothing to show they are police men.

They actually look like armed robbers. They drive a private number plated IPSUM, they are about 7 or 8 number with AK-47s.

They wait in the neighborhood of the would be victim from around 10.00 pm on his way out in the night waiting to strike at around 5.30 am in the morning if they know your travel schedule.

So if the victim is not situation aware most times it will be a shock and awe attack that would render the victim incapable thus submitting to his abductors helplessly. Was I scared and awed? Ask the abductors!!

So the “future” victim of abduction is often contacted by police either through a phone call as a formal summon or arrest and his home is searched to provide intel to rogues behind the scenes targeting the individual.

Basically the initial contact with the police is “RECONNAISSANCE” for the rogue agents who in their masked BIAS, this subject is GUILTY even without evidence.

The abduction is for isolation of the suspect; from family, lawyers, the public and others in the victim’s sphere of influence to give the rogues time and space to abuse the victim.

The object is many folds. To give the police and security agents room to circumvent the law by extracting information or what they think is evidence through torture or blackmail.

Torture, because ideally the suspect is “GUILTY” in the eyes of the police or the security agents involved and those conducting investigations. It is their job to find “guilty” people I guess and failure is not money well spent on operational votes.

Without this evidence; the abduction is aimed at torturing the suspect away from public scrutiny to validate the already biased opinion of the security service men trying to ensure new information extracted under torture fits their fake intelligence on file.

ALWAYS from rumor mills in bars of Kampala of-course from many drug addicts.

If the public and the media does not know or does not exert pressure to publicize the abduction; then the victim could die in the hands of the ABDUCTORS.

I must state in my case; the Police Spokesperson denied knowledge of my case. When my Lawyer confirmed my arrest and detention facility with precision; the Police Publicist Mr. Fred Enanga stated later that my case could only be discussed by the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kaihura.

What was special with my ABDUCTION then compared to others that can ONLY be discussed the IGP?

Of course, the precise location of my detention and the timeliness of the information leakage was not from the Police.

It was a leak from a tactical mistake in the ABDUCTORS operation manual.

To cut the story short; the institutions of the Police and the Courts are now used to project a “due process” when in the background rogues are plotting and looking for opportunity to strike at the victim’s moment of vulnerability.

Ugandans need to be more situation aware and be mindful of personal security.

Rogues in government had been looking for my home for years; until I cooperated when summoned on telephone; there had never been any attempt at abducting me.

So the police summon was for reconnaissance purposes. The court process also another mechanism to keep me in a closed loop as the rogues looked for opportunity of vulnerability to strike me down.

In short; I don’t care in fact I don’t give a damn!

Maverick Blutaski, the author, is a social media critic who was once kidnapped and detained on suspicion that he is Tom Voltaire Okwalinga [TVO], the most ruthless government critic.

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