Matembe says NRM lost its way in 2006


Activist and former Ethics and Integrity, minister, Miria Matembe, says the presidential live TV debate is one platform through which democracy can be demonstrated in Uganda.

“Democracy is practical but talking platforms like the Uganda presidential live TV debate are crucial,” she pointed out while appearing on NBS TV morning breeze on Thursday.

According to Matembe, the debate was a chance for candidates in a country where opponents are enemies, to stand together.

“Elsewhere, opposition are seen as friends. Here, President Museveni sees opposition as enemies worth crushing.”

She cited an example of Maj Gen Benon Biraaro saying he swerved perception.

The debate had an impact, she continued, if elections were free and fair, 4% undecided would be decided.

“Next time, the debate should take questions from audience. Candidate-to-candidate interaction ought to be more.”

Matembe says she was active in the debate and doesn’t know whether Museveni was a debater in Ntare.

Museveni who avoided the debate later said he left those talking competitions when he left high school.

Matembe says the President Museveni lost it and lowered himself when he equated the debate to high school debates.

NRM diverted

“Lots of money is spent on patronizing Ugandans and keeping them captive.”

“Once, there was a real 10-point NRM government that I served. It did its work. Then it diverted into today’s NRM party.”

NRM Movement was lost in 2006, Matembe said.

The activist said she parted from Museveni in 2003 when he wanted to remove term limits.

“More are parting.”

The old NRM Movement did wonderful work, she agreed.

“We need to give credit where it is due. Today’s NRM diverted.”

According to her, the most effective Parliament was in 1996.

“Even Museveni admitted it gave him headaches for it stood its ground.”

Matembe asked if she can serve under the Museveni regime again: “When God calls me to serve again, I will answer. As for now, he hasn’t.”

According to her, greed and materialism has doubled.

“It starts from the very top. Our president even uses unethical language.”

She said the Ethics ministry died long ago; it was created amid growing corruption due to dying ethical systems.

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