Matembe plans protest against ‘sex-hungry’ cops


Police “undressing” Naigaga

Women activists are planning a protest in Kampala following an incident over the weekend where FDC woman leader, Fatuma Naigaga, was undressed during an arrest by police.

Under their umbrella body, Women’s Democracy Group, women accuse police of undressing them intentionally especially those involved in politics.

The protest is being organised by former minister of Ethics and Integrity Miria Matembe.

Matembe is quoted by Daily Monitor saying they [women] used to demonstrate against rape, gender-based violence and other things.

“Why not hold one against undressing of women? The moment Ugandans get out of their homes and hold a peaceful demonstration, maybe then they will listen.”

She asked women across East Africa to join their fight.

Sarah Eperu, the FDC’s Women’s League spokesperson, told press on Monday that “police either has a hidden agenda or they are sex-hungry”.

“The police spokesperson [Fred Enanga] said Ms Naigaga was a harlot who stripped on her own. The question we are asking is, if a person is a harlot, does it make her less of a woman?” she told press.

The chief executive officer of the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers, Ms Irene Ovonji Odida, says they have already filed a case against the individual police officers involved in the arrest.

Mao speaks

Meanwhile, DP president General, Norbert Mao, was not impressed by police action either.

This is his statement:

It is lamentable that the police can with impunity brutalize citizens and block a rally organized by a registered political party.

We condemn this brutal affront on civil liberties and warn the Museveni regime and its underlings that “there will be a reckoning”! No issue is settled until it is settled right.

For many in our country the brutal side of the Museveni regime was unknown.

Those of us from the Greater North can only confirm that indeed the Museveni regime which was greeted with ululations and hope in the South of the country has always been a mailed fist in a velvet glove.

Now the gloves are off. Museveni is Museveni. We can’t go on like this.

As our Gulu team organized my Homecoming and Thanksgiving last week, the police sought to deny us the right to a procession and to kick us out of Kaunda grounds. In the morning there was heavy deployment at the Grounds.

I made ONE call and that gave the police the incentive to leave us alone to enjoy our constitutional rights.

I told the Regional Police Commander that it is ok if they want to disrupt the gathering but are they ready for the consequences?

Secondly I told him that I was aware that Independence Day would be celebrated in Gulu and so if they disrupt the people’s gathering I would personally lead efforts to disrupt the Independence Day celebrations.

In the evening of that day DP Deputy Secretary General Dr. Siranda called to say the police had asked him to get a letter of no objection.

The police has a choice. Either it follows the law and stops being a partisan appendage of the regime or else all of us seeking to unseat the regime will be compelled to become outlaws.

We can operate within the law if possible but if necessary we shall operate outside the law.

There it is in simple terms. That is what others have called DEFIANCE.


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