Matembe: Museveni, Besigye egos won’t fix anything


Women rights activist Hon. Miria Matembe says with Kizza Besigye and Yoweri Museveni continuing to exhibit their egos, the country is doomed.

Matembe was appearing on NTV Friday morning alongside Sophie Kyagulanyi, a lawyer, social justice policy analyst and human rights advocate, on negotiating peace after elections.

According to Matembe, the electoral commission made deliberate mistakes in the February 18 elections.

“We already don’t trust them and they went ahead to play in the hands of the devil and prove it.”

She said for anyone to chair EC, he had to be a supporter of NRM and that is how Badru Kiggundu came to chair the commission.

“When I was minister and EC was being constituted, Chairperson was supposed to be Sebunya. Janet Mukwaya said “he’s not for us”.”

“When you get a polling station getting 100% to one person, what does it say about EC?”

Museveni should become “saba-peace”

Matembe say when “you have a president who declares himself as “sabalwanyi” all the time, that is a potential conflict”.

Matembe said she parted with the government after the removal of term limits.

“At the start, he [Museveni] was talking real things. Museveni should pray to God and call a conference for peace, otherwise we are doomed.”

She called upon Museveni to stop being “sabalwanyi” and be “Saba-Peace”.

She said Museveni needs to recognise that Ugandans are in for change.

“Now that he won, can he exercise humility? Humility is a good character trait of any good leader.”

She added: “Their [Besigye and Museveni] egos will not fix anything. They need to stop and think about Ugandans and not themselves.”

According to Matembe, when elephants fight, the grass suffers.

“President Museveni should find another way of dealing with Besigye.”


Matembe said she was astonished after watching deputy government spokesperson, Col Shaban Bantariza, supporting the stay of the army on Kampala streets.

“I watched Bantariza talk with confidence and was astonished. Does the army work that way, dehumanising people to bring peace?”

Matembe said she lived through the previous governments and was glad when NRM came into power because it was about peace.

“If the only method of promoting peace is through militarism, they have lost it completely. For the peace of this land, everyone has a role to play.”

“When NRM is at crossroads with opposition, where are the citizens? Citizens are key stakeholders in the way elections are conducted.”

Winner and loser

Kyagulanyi, on the other hand, said money and organisation determine whether one wins or loses.

They [opposition] can afford to be organised and have many agents in Kampala but can’t do the same nationwide, she pointed out.

Kyagulanyi advised opposition to match up to the leading party.

“We want to see something different in 2021. The process of election conduct is what opposition questions.”

She said the NRM primaries was an indicator of how the general election would be conducted.

“There is a strong role of accountability by EC to the people of Uganda.”

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