Mao: Probe Makerere over killed graduate




Latent savagery lurks in the bosom of all humanity.

Untamed by society it can lead to what happened in the unfortunate and tragic incident that claimed the young life of Oteen Tekarukite Ojok David.

While a student in Namilyango I came across William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. The book is a survey of the psychology of power, law and lawlessness, order and anarchy.

The world is presented as a microcosm of moral struggles. The characters are sterling in presenting archetypical humans.

Jack is the bully who represents the will to power. Ralph is a protector of the weak. Piggy the half blind bespectacled fat boy who is most intellectual and contemplative of the lot represents the weak and vulnerable.

The clash of these characters reveal that inside every human lurks a “beast” that needs taming.

That is the way to understand some of the wild savagery that confronts the human race. Extermination of Jews in Nazi Germany, the Kony phenomenon, Rwanda genocide etc etc etc.

Another book I read recently is called Perfume by Suskind. It also explores the same theme of savagery and excess. It is also about the complicity of society in man’s descent into savagery.

While at University I discovered Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning. This book is by a survivor of a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. It is a classic study by an accomplished psychologist.

It is important that we understand even the things that appear beyond comprehension.

The Halls of residence at Makerere has leaders. They should be held accountable. The incidents should be analyzed and solutions proposed.

The collapse of institutions that hold society to moral standards should be redressed. We daily witness boda bodas killing suspected thieves, motorists who accidentally kill cyclists and are themselves killed by the boda boda riders, mob justice incidents are all around us.

The death of outrage in our society is alarming.

What happened to Oteen is a microcosm portending a serious malaise in our world. Speaking out as we have all done is a good start. But we should do more to tame the beast that lurks inside all of us.

Nobert Mao is the President of Democratic Party

Note: Ojok was stoned to death at Nkrumah hall at Makerere university on Sunday.

Kamapala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, says they have already arrested the chairman Nkrumah hall, Marvin Mutungi, to help police with investigations.

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