Mao: Mbabazi was chief recruiter of moles


Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has defended minister Nakiwala Kiyingi dismissing reports that she is a mole planted in the opposition political party.

“Some are saying that Nakiwala Kiyingi is in Cabinet to fight DP. Name one thing she has done to disadvantage DP,” Mao challenged Kiyingi’s critics.

Kiyingi was appointed Minister of State for Youth and Children in the 2016 cabinet by President Yoweri Museveni.

Crossing earlier reports indicating that her appointment had cost Kiyingi DP membership, Mao said Kiyingi’s appointment has been sensationalised by the media.

“It was no blow for DP. DP wasn’t consulted before Nakiwala’s appointment. I think the Church was approached and her name came up,” he said while appearing on NBS television at the close of last week.

“If Hon. Nakiwala was a member of the National Executive Committee, it would have been another issue. But she is not. There is no ‘Catch-22’ scenario in DP. Rather, it is Hon Nakiwala who might come into some awkwardness during DP meetings.”

Mao said for example, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is a DP dissident. He doesn’t support the official party positions.

“Suubi faction fights DP more than they fight NRM. DP offered Lukwago the party mayoral ticket but he turned it down.”

Mao noted that if he could embrace Joseph Kony [Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA warlord] who has killed his people and make peace with Ochola, why would it be hard for me to welcome Lukwago?

Unlike Lukwago, Mao said Kiyingi has never fought and is not fighting DP unlike some members of the Suubi faction.

Mbabazi recruiter of moles
Mao said he doesn’t know what the former Prime Minister is planning as an individual, but as The Democratic Alliance [TDA], they agreed to continue working together.

In defense of Kiyingi, Mao noted that having been around Mbabazi, he knows who is a mole and who is not.
“I have a list of moles, the day I release it, people will leave town. I have been around the former chief recruiter of moles, Amama Mbabazi.”

He added: “The day I release a list of moles, people will be shocked. I have been sitting with Amama, chief recruiter of moles, One day I will shock the nation… you can watch full show on.”

Mao said the nation is bleeding and that Uganda needs a new consensus since the Luweero consensus has collapsed.

“Once, John Nagenda [Senior Media Advisor to President Museveni] said that my name stands for Milton Apollo Obote! Those saying I am against Baganda are saying rubbish. I was brought up by a Muganda woman. I grew up in Buganda. I love the Kabaka… I am the least tribalistic person.”

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