Mao: Lukwago is Satan, a frog sent to ruin DP


Mao and Lukwago at the DP conference in Kampala

Democratic Party (DP) president, Nobert Mao, Tuesday lost his cool and labelled Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, Satan-the devil himself-sent to destroy the party.

Mao’s anger stemmed from yesterday’s events where DP Buganda faction endorsed Lukwago to present them in the opposition Democratic Alliance at a meeting held at Bativa hotel in lower Makerere.

Addressing press at City House, the party headquarters located in Kampala, Mao said Lukwago nolonger qualifies to be called a DP member because he stood in 2011 mayoral elections as an independent.

“I wonder why he wants to destroy a party he is nolonger part of,” Mao stated.

“He stood as an independent in mayoral elections which disqualifies him as a party member. He has to reply so the National Executive Committee (NEC) determines whether to accept him or not.”

He said Lukwago was now like a comedian who thinks that little crowds which surround him make him powerful.

Mao dared the Lord Mayor to go to other districts and “begin uttering his rubbish and see if he is not rushed to Butabakia hospital for the mentally insane”.

“Lukwago is a dog and a frog”

The furious DP president went ahead to describe Lukwago as “a dog”.

“He is like a dog just barking at a speeding lorry. Even if he backs, he cannot bite. Even if he gathers those little crowds at Bativa hotel, their decision cannot affect party policy,” Mao lashed out.

He recommended a counsellor to help Lukwago, teach him how things operate.

He said Lukwago has only 8 districts in Buganda and that cannot do much.

“These cannot decide for the other remaining districts,” he added, emphasising that he (Mao) has the majority of the districts.

“It’s just because the media follows this comedian (Lukwago) around, that’s why they think he is strong.”

Mao was not finished yet; he labelled Lukwago a frog.

He accused him of jumping onto Dr Michael Lulume Bayigga, former Acting Secretary General of the Democratic Party and MP Buikwe South Constituency, in Buikwe District, for abandoning their gang.

Dr Lulume was part of the Parliamentary Group which is working with DP Buganda faction but her abandoned them and picked nomination forms.

“Now they want to paint him as a criminal because he disagreed with them,” Mao said, adding, “I wonder what creature Lukwago is! Even Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda failed to get anything out him.”

Mao said he could not even compare Lukwago to Lord’s Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony.

Lukwago is Satan, tempting others to leave DP

Asked why he was pointing an accusing finger at Lukwago yet there are other members like Samuel Walter Lubega and DP Buganda Vice President, Richard Mutumba, in the group, Mao used an anecdote.

He said that like pastors or preachers, while they know Satan had other demons working with him, these priests only address the devil because he tempted others.

He equated Lukwago to the devil because “he is tempting other people to fall into temptation and fall out of the party”.

He promised that the party will handle him with an iron hand before he can destroy it completely.

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